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The World Behind Your Light Switch (1966)
​“The World Behind Your Light Switch,” made in 1966, explains the many uses of electricity and how the grid is planned and maintained through ice, snow, brush control and every kind of problem. It includes the building of the Pacific Northwest-Pacific Southwest Intertie, a look at the transmission technology of the time, aerial inspections, emergency repairs, hot-stick work and the first outage and repair of the underwater cable to the San Juan Islands (see “20,000 Volts Under the Sea” in the first collection). Stunning aerial photography offers a look at the scope of the transmission system. It was produced and written by Harry Paget and Russ Holt, who were BPA employees in the Information Service. Holt was Sen. Henry “Scoop” Jackson’s press secretary and came to work at BPA as a special assistant to Administrator Charles Luce, writing speeches and press releases and helping Luce implement his programs.

The film was shown at Rotary Clubs and other community groups and schools. And it won the Silver Award at the International Film and TV Festival of New York. The digital transfer was made from a 1990s video master, which retains the true colors of the original.