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Introduction to BPA Film Collection: Volume One, Disc Two, 1939-1954

Researcher Libby Burke introduces three films about the Bonneville Power Administration in transition. Highlighted are "Power Builds Ships" (1942) about the expansion of the aluminum industry and shipbuilding industry in the Northwest during WWII due to abundant hydropower; "25,000 Volts Under the Sea" (1952) about the engineering and laying of the underwater transmission cable that brought electricity to the San Juan Islands; and "Look to the River" (1954) about the expansion of the Federal Columbia River Power System. These films appear on disc two of "BPA Film Collection, Volume 2 1939-1954," which is now available through the BPA Library at the agency's headquarters in Portland, Ore. For more information, contact BPA's Library & Visitor Center at 503-230-4636 (800-622-4250) or