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Strategic Direction
BPA pursues its mission, vision and values in the context of rapidly evolving industry and environmental issues. We regularly assess the drivers of change in our operating environment and establish long-term direction and near-term targets in order to focus our efforts and resources. BPA summarizes its long-term direction and near-term targets in an annual brochure:
Strategic Priorities
BPA elevated six strategic priorities for special focus in FY 2012-2017. These priorities support our strategic objectives and are especially critical to fulfilling our vision given the drivers of change we face in our operating environment. Our major drivers and strategic priorities are outlined in a report.
Strategic Objectives
BPA's strategic objectives are the major, long-term outcomes we pursue across our entire business. Their purpose is to uphold the "four pillars" of our vision: system reliability, low rates, environmental stewardship and regional accountability.
Strategic Intent
This document is an expression of BPA’s strategic intent developed in fiscal year 2014 through a series of conversations with BPA executives and subject matter experts.
Performance Targets
We measure progress toward meeting our strategic objectives and priorities through annual Key Agency Targets and business unit scorecard targets.
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