BPA #:
2012-01948 Received:
9 /26/2012 Incoming Request:

Corona & Field Effect/Advanced Due Date:
10/25/2012 BPA Letter:

Tower Analysis & Design Software

From: Completed 10/4 /2012 Requested Documents: 12-01948Response.pdf

Albert Tharnish

BPA Official:
David Hesse Withdrawn:
Exemption: 0 Comments: Sent in its entirety. CLOSED

Please note that the Department of Energy FOIA Office now assigns the BPA FOIA tracking numbers, and the

numbers on this report will not be sequential. Requesters who have submitted FOIA requests to the BPA may obtain

the date received by this office by reviewing the information above. If you would like additional information related

to your request you should contact the BPA FOIA Office at 503-230-7305.

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