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​FY 2014 FOIA Requests
​Request Topic​ Received​​ Completed
BPA​-2014-00119-F​ ​Communications between BPA and Avue Technologies regarding Avue's "BPA's DOE/OPM DE Audit Analysis & Recommendations," September 2013. ​10/22/2013 ​03/24/2015
​BPA-2014-00312-F ​Government credit card charges and reimbursements for two BPA managers. ​12/12/2013 ​10/07/2014
BPA-2014-00321-F​ ​Contract number GS-33F-Y0026 with Concur Technologies Inc.. ​12/16/2013 ​10/30/2015
BPA-2014-00382-F ​Contract between BPA and Pacific Power for transmission to North Hurlburt Wind, South Hurlburt Wind, and Horseshoe Bend. ​12/24/2013 ​9/19/2014
BPA-2014-00383-F​ ​Communications between BPA and Pacific Power, Caithness, North Hurlburt Wind, South Hurlburt Wind, and Horseshoe Bend regarding connections to the Slatt Substation, 2007 to 2014. ​12/24/2013 ​11/21/2014
BPA-2014​-00388-F ​Records of meeting between BPA, Pacific Power, and Caithness on August 5, 2010. ​12/24/2013 ​09/26/2014
BPA-2014-00407-F ​Documents regarding winter operations and environmental impact of operations at the Albeni Falls dam. ​12/31/2013 ​10/20/2014
​BPA-2014-00434-F ​All materials referencing the IHS CERA study on the Columbia Generating Station, November 2013. ​01/08/2014 ​06/27/2014
BPA-2014-00554-F Correspondence, emails, memos, and meeting notes regarding recruitment for Chief Public Affairs Officer position. ​02/05/2014 ​06/16/2015
BPA-2014-00618-F​ ​Steve Wright emails regarding Office of Inspector General, U.S. Office of Personnel Management, or Department of Energy inquiries or investigations of BPA Human Capital Management practices. ​02/18/2014 ​12/03/2014
BPA-2014-00636-F ​All rate-analysis model spreadsheets for the 2007 Rate Case. ​02/21/2014 ​07/02/2014
BPA-2014-00721-F ​Records related to the 2012 Fish Accord Memorandum of Agreement with the Kalispell Tribe. ​03/28/2014 ​07/02/2014
BPA-2014-00791-F​ ​Contract between BPA and G4S Janitorial Services. ​03/31/2014 ​01/07/2016
BPA-2014-00812-F ​Information related to BPA's Low Density Discount (LDD) program and seven of its LDD customers, 2003 to 2014. ​04/01/2014 ​08/13/2014
BPA-2014-00856-F ​Inspector General hotline complaints at BPA, 2010 to 2013. ​04/11/2014 ​08/28/2014
BPA-2014-01120-F ​Communications regarding the State of Oregon's recommendation to the Northwest Power and Conservation Council for an experimental spill program. ​05/14/2014 ​01/23/2015
BPA-2014-01121-F​ ​Contract between BPA and Aerotek regarding supplemental labor. ​05/19/2014 ​07/02/2014
BPA-2014-01172-F​ ​Environmental compliance letters issued by Terraqua, Inc.. ​05/29/2014 ​09/29/2014
​BPA-2014-01197-F BPA Office of Cyber ​Security incident reports, 2012 to 2014. ​06/03/2014 ​06/30/2014
BPA-2014-01267-F ​Communications between BPA and Office of Hearings and Appeals regarding appeal of FOIA request BPA-2014-00787-F. ​06/17/2014 ​07/02/2014
​BPA-2014-01346-F ​Records related to BPA's review of the Whistling Ridge Energy Project from March 2012 to July 2014. ​07/01/2014 ​06/09/2015
BPA-2014-01391-F​ ​Spatial location data for all CHaMP sites in the Wenatchee River Subbasin, Entiat River Subbasin, and Methow Subbasin. ​07/08/2014 ​07/16/2014
BPA-2014-01406-F​ ​Contract for BPA project 2011-014-00, "Evaluate Status and Limiting Factors of Pacific Lamprey in the Lower Deschutes River, Fifteenmile Creek, and Hood River Subbasins." ​07/10/2014 ​10/24/2014
BPA-2014-01429-F ​Skanska USA Building's payment bond for the Charles Luce Regional Maintenance Headquarters project in 2014. ​07/16/2014 ​10/24/2014
BPA-2014-01482-F ​Physical locations of substations in central Oregon that were operational before 1977. ​07/24/2014 ​08/26/2014
BPA-2014-01504-F​ ​Site-specific projects the Bureau of Land Management has approved within Bull Trout designated critical habitat since 2011, and all associated decisions for these projects. ​07/28/2014 ​08/13/2014
BPA-2014-01562-F​ ​Contract between BPA and RAMS Security. ​08/11/2014 ​08/29/2014
BPA-2014-01715-F BPA employee dress-code handbook. ​08/14/2014 ​08/26/2014
BPA-2014-01746-F ​Map of Shelton-Fairmount Line, Access Road SF-AR-19. ​08/21/2014 ​08/26/2014
BPA-2014-01761-F​ ​Leases, agreements, and contracts between BPA and other entities relating to Biddle Butte Microwave Station, 2004 to 2014. ​08/25/2014 ​12/05/2014
BPA-2014-01763-F ​Report and study results for 'Technology Innovation Project 264: Modeling Geomagnetically Induced Current for Evaluation and Mitigation.' ​08/26/2014 ​10/20/2014
BPA-2014-01768-F ​Yearly costs of RAMS Security contract, 2009 to 2014. ​08/26/2014 ​10/21/2014
BPA-2014-01787-F ​Emails to or from Steve Wright that were sent or received on a non-government address. ​08/28/2014 ​04/07/2015
BPA-2014-01815-F ​Information about a culvert located in Grays Harbor County, WA. ​09/04/2014 ​10/15/2014
BPA-2014-01847-F ​CHaMP survey geodatabases for Methow River Basin, 2011-2013. ​09/09/2014 ​09/22/2014
BPA-2014-01855-F ​BPA employee names, job titles, hire dates, and salaries. ​09/11/2014 ​09/23/2014
BPA-2014-01869-F​ ​Locations of CHaMP sites in Upper Columbia Subbasin. ​09/16/2014 ​09/23/2014
BPA-2014-01901-F ​Winning proposal for BPA's Demand Response Program Demonstration Project, dated May 2013; and the agreement between BPA and Energy Northwest Demand Response Pilot, September, announced September 2014. ​09/22/2014 ​08/17/2015
BPA-2014-01914-F ​Government Printing Office expenditures, 2007 to 2012. ​09/26/2014 ​10/06/2014