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​FY2015 FOIA Requests
Request Topic​ Received Completed
BPA​-2015-00030-F BPA right-of-way agreement for property in Gray Harbor, WA.​ 10/03/2014​​ 01/15/2015
BPA-2015-00051-F ​Ratings, rankings, and veteran preferences for candidates for position 10379-12-DE, Business Analyst GS-12. ​10/08/2014 ​12/02/2014
BPA-2015-00094-F ​Human resources audit information for four (4) positions. ​10/20/2014 ​05/06/2015
BPA-2015-00205-F ​Data behind article titled "Price Effects of HVTLs on Abutting Homes," published in The Appraisal Journal, Winter 2013. ​11/14/2014 ​01/12/2015
BPA-2015-00273-F ​Communications between BPA and other federal agencies regarding dam operations in bull trout critical habitat. ​12/03/2014 ​02/09/2015
BPA-2015-00301-F ​Communications between BPA and other agencies regarding the Northwest Power and Conservation Council's fish and wildlife program's funding requirements. ​12/04/2014 ​02/02/2016
BPA-2015-00340-F ​Information about BPA's aircraft, fiscal years 2012 to 2014. ​12/10/2014 ​05/11/2015
BPA-2015-00341-F ​Salaries for all BPA employees, fiscal years 2013 and 2013. ​12/10/2014 ​05/11/2015
BPA-2015-00456-F​ ​Hydro-Optimization Team meeting minutes from March 26, 2014. ​01/05/2015 ​01/28/2015
BPA-2015-00475-F ​Settlements between BPA and eight parties regarding parties' damage claims under BPA's Environmental Redispatch Policy. ​01/08/2015 ​12/31/2015
BPA-2015-00508-F ​Records relating to Puget Sound Energy's 'Energize Eastside' project, 2008 to 2015. ​01/13/2015 ​04/30/2015
BPA-2015-00553-F​ ​BPA expenditures on promotional items with Government Printing Office from June 2007 to May 2012. ​01/21/2015 ​02/10/2015
BPA-2015-00564-F ​Records about Whistling Ridge Energy LLC's communications with BPA and state and federal entities, 2014 to 2015. ​01/26/2015 ​03/12/2015
BPA-2015-00596-F Wireless cell leases on BPA land, rooftops, and towers. ​01/28/2015 ​03/11/2015
BPA-2015-00630-F ​Agency contracts with consultants, studies, and communications related to publication of the Draft Environmental Impact Study for the I-5 Corridor Reinforcement Project. ​02/02/2015 ​01/08/2016
BPA-2015-00630-F ​Right-of-way plans for transmission line in Snohomish County, WA. ​02/05/2015 ​02/29/2016
BPA-2015-00987-F ​Transmission data related to the August 10, 1996 power outage. ​03/11/2015 ​04/03/2015
BPA-2015-01168-F ​Hydro-Optimization Team meeting minutes from April 6, 2015. ​04/15/2015 ​05/21/2015
BPA-2015-01184-F ​Timeline and organizational/programmatic analyses of from BPA's March 23, 2015 root cause analysis, "2009 HCM Forced Job Re-Compete." ​04/24/2015 ​07/14/2015
BPA-2015-01207-F​ ​Six Environment, Fish & Wildlife papers funded by BPA and authored by Terraqua, Inc., between 2008 - 2009. ​04/27/2015 ​05/22/2015
BPA-2015-01221-F ​Documents supporting IRS-reported contributions by BPA to the Heernett Environmental Foundation, Inc., for 2011, 2012, and 2013. ​04/27/2015 ​07/24/2015
BPA-2015-01295-F ​Work papers used in calculating the most recent BPA emissions factor and total covered emissions data sent to the California Air Resources Board. ​05/08/2015 ​06/25/2015
BPA-2015-01323-F ​Contact information for external lawyers who have represented BPA employees in Equal Employment Opportunity cases. ​05/11/2015 ​07/09/2015
BPA-2015-01341-F ​Revisions A and B of Appendix D, Underground Route Study, of  I-5 Corridor Reinforcement Project Draft Environment Impact Statement. ​05/20/2015 ​09/09/2015
BPA-2015-01485-F ​Records related to bull trout critical habitat and the Biological Assessment for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. ​06/15/2015 ​08/20/2015
BPA-2015-01544-F ​Records about Whistling Ridge Energy LLC's communications with BPA and state and federal entities, January to June, 2015. ​06/29/2015 ​07/28/2015
BPA-2015-01557-F ​BPA's fiscal year 2014 "Federal Agency Annual EEO Program Status Report." ​07/06/2015 ​07/16/2015
BPA-2015-01558-F ​List of qualified applicants for job announcement number 8024-10-BPA, Manager, District Operations and Maintenance, GS-1601-13/14, closing date 06/23/2010. ​07/07/2015 ​10/19/2015
BPA-2015-01591-F ​Solicitation issued by BPA for work performed by engineers to prepare Appendix D, Underground Route Study, of the I-5 Corridor Reinforcement Project Draft Environment Impact Statement. ​07/10/2015 ​09/21/2015
BPA-2015-01602-F ​Work papers, used by BPA Finance, associated with the informal study of discount theory and practice. ​07/16/2015 ​10/19/2015
BPA-2015-01782-F ​Encroachment reports for property near Hungry Horse - Hot Springs Line in Flathead, Montana. ​08/26/2015 ​09/09/2015
BPA-2015-01891-F ​Daily/hourly load data for last five years for transmission lines HORS-HRVL-1 and MCNY-ROSS-1. ​09/24/2015 ​09/29/2015