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​FY2015 FOIA Requests
Request Topic​ Received Completed


​Communications between BPA and other agencies regarding the Northwest Power and Conservation Council's fish and wildlife program's funding requirements. ​12/04/2014 ​02/02/2016
BPA-2015-00475-F ​Settlements between BPA and eight parties regarding damage claims under BPA's Environmental Redispatch Policy. ​01/08/2015 ​12/31/2015
BPA-2015-00630-F ​Agency contracts with consultants, studies, and communications related to the Draft Environmental Impact Study for the I-5 Corridor Reinforcement Project. ​02/02/2015 ​01/08/2016
BPA-2015-00630-F ​Right-of-way plans for transmission line in Snohomish County, WA. ​02/05/2015 ​02/29/2016
BPA-2015-01558-F ​List of qualified applicants for job announcement number 8024-10-BPA, Manager, District Operations and Maintenance, GS-1601-13/14, closing date 06/23/2010. ​07/07/2015 ​10/19/2015
BPA-2015-01602-F ​Work papers used by BPA Finance regarding the informal study of discount theory and practice. ​07/16/2015 ​10/19/2015