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FY2016 FOIA Requests
Request​ Topic​ Received​ Completed
​BPA-2016-00303-F End-of-Step test for the Power System Control Craftsman-in-Training​ 12/16/2015​​ 02/23/2016
BPA-2016-00349-F​ ​Presentations made to BPA Administrator​ and/or staff discussing the delay in release of the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the I-5 corridor reinforcement project. 01/06/2016​​ ​04/08/2016
BPA-2016-00385-F Bonneville Purchasing Instructions, Version 13-3; BPA Contract No. 60980 between BPA and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife; and all documents records related to BPA Contract No. 62952 between BPA and Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon. 01/11/2016​ 04/11/2016​​
BPA-2016-00416-F ​Final copy of "A Regional Research Design for the Federal Colombia River Power System for the Study of Cultural Resources within the Greater Colombian Plateau." 01/22/2016​ 02/10/2016
BPA-2016-00539-F ​Current contract for security guard services and copies of proposals submitted during the previous solicitation for services. ​02/23/2016 ​02/27/2017


​Drawings of BPA transmission lines that cross the Columbia River between Astoria, OR, and Richland, WA; on the Snake River between Pasco, WA, and Lewiston, ID; and the Willamette River between the mouth and Ross Island. ​02/23/2016 ​04/22/2016
BPA​-2016-00576-F ​Participant sign-in sheets from BPA's 'Focus 2028 February Forum.' ​02/12/2016 ​03/04/2016
BPA-2016-00577-F ​Agreements between BPA and KapStone Paper and Packaging Corporation (formerly Longview Fibre Paper and Packaging, Inc.). ​02/26/2016 ​05/03/2016
BPA-2016-00584-F ​Transmission right-of-way maps that affect King County tax parcel number 342207-9001. ​02/29/2016 ​04/08/2016
BPA-2016-00637-F ​BPA records regarding significant impacts on the power grid from electromagnetic pulse events. ​03/14/2016 ​10/17/2016
BPA- 2016-00727-F​ ​Document titled "3 Phase Circuit Model for ADSS Optical Fiber Contamination Currents [BPA Report No. TNL3-99-1]," May, 1999. ​03/31/2016 ​04/08/2016
BPA-2016-00728-F ​Hydro-Optimization Team meeting agenda and minutes from October 28, 2015. ​03/31/2016 ​05/09/2016
BPA-2016-00743-F ​Presentation given by Energy Northwest to BPA executive board on March 22, 2016. ​04/04/2016 ​06/13/2016
BPA-2016-00801-F ​Emails related to BPA's firearm policy. ​04/14/2016 ​11/01/2016
BPA-2016-00804-F ​Source code and design documentation for the Dynamic Debt Repayment System. ​04/18/2016 ​11/03/2016
BPA-2016-00812-F​ ​BPA easement on the Tacoma-Covington line in Federal Way, WA. ​04/18/2016 ​05/19/2016
BPA-2016-00911-F​ ​Contracts and amendments, numbers DE-MP65-85WP59106 and DE-MS79-81BP90493. ​05/12/2016 ​08/01/2016
BPA-2016-00943-F Current contract with Centerra Integrated Facilities, LLC. ​05/27/2016 ​09/22/2016

​Records related to the operations of dams within bull trout critical habitat: (1) Consultations between U.S. Fish and Wildlife Serice, Natioanl Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, and BPA, and (2) biological assessments/opinions regarding effects of operations and maintenance on bull trout critical habitat.

Please contact BPA's FOIA Office for records:
​06/08/2016 ​01/14/2020
BPA-2016-01058​-F ​Eight contracts from FY2014 and FY2015 Fish Accord projects. ​06/15/2018 ​01/03/2017
BPA-2016-01059-F ​Emails related to safety clauses in Fish and Wildlife contracts. ​06/15/2016 ​09/08/2016
BPA-2016-01134-F ​Land surveys under easements within Satsop-Aberdeen #2 230kv transmission line across parcel 18093313000. ​07/05/2016 ​07/18/2016
BPA-2016-01251-F ​Records of unliquidated obligations: Unpaid checks, unreconciled checks, unclaimed checks, undelivered checks, and outstanding credit balances. ​07/29/2016 ​10/24/2016
BPA-2016-01301-F ​Names, addresses, lease locations, and lease amounts for all private lessees of BPA-owned properties in Washington state. ​08/23/2016 ​10/24/2016
BPA-2016-01350-F ​Records related to the "Spokane Tribal Hatchery Extended and Amended Operation and Maintenance Agreement between Bonneville Power Administration and Spokane Tribe of Indians." ​08/23/2016 ​10/13/2016
BPA-2016-01355-F​ ​Geotechnical reports and related communications for Buckley Substation in Sherman County, Oregon. ​08/23/2016 ​09/08/2016
BPA-2016-01591-F ​Master agreements and releases between BPA and Terraqua, Inc.; and emails from Michael Ward of Terraqua and Holladay Sloan. ​09/30/2016 ​07/19/2018

​All agency records regarding BPA's discovery of and decision to collect undercharged amounts related to short-distance discounts.

Please contact BPA's FOIA Office for records:
​09/29/2016 ​02/07/2019
BPA-2016-01593-F ​Letters sent to all impacted customers related to errors in Total Transmission System Load calculations. ​09/29/2016 ​05/04/2018
BPA-2016-01594-F ​All agency records regarding BPA's discovery of and decision to correct errors in Total Transmission System Load calculations. ​09/29/2016 ​10/05/2018
BPA-2016-01595-F​ ​All emails, notes, formal and informal memoranda, meeting agendas, minutes, and other communication regarding Bonneville’s discovery of, and decision to correct any prior billing errors. ​10/06/2016 ​01/02/2020
BPA-2016-01596-F ​Copy of "Retroactive Billing Adjustment Six Year Limit," dated March 25, 2008. ​09/29/2016 ​02/17/2017