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FY2017 FOIA Requests

​Request Topic ​Received ​Completed

Communications from Grant County PUD to BPA relating to BPA's failure to remove Grant County PUD's short-distance discount.

​10/11/2016 ​07/17/2018
BPA-2017-00069-F ​Records regarding BPA's discovery of and decision to collect undercharged amounts related to Grant County PUD's short-distance discount during 2011. ​10/12/2016 ​09/14/2018
​BPA-2017-00156-F Leases, easements, or agreements associated with Electrical Tower WA0193 and AT&T Tower 61567 in
Kitsap County, Washington.
​01/26/2017 ​02/06/2017
BPA-2017-00178-F ​List of names considered for job announcement
​11/15/2016 ​01/13/2017
BPA-2017-00212-F ​Unpublished BPA reports or memoranda concerning threats to the electric grid system from solar electromagnetic storm activity, and any steps being taken by BPA to address this potential problem. ​12/08/2016 ​01/03/2017
BPA-2017-00309-F ​Minutes and agendas for Hydro-Optimization Team meetings since May 2016. ​11/28/2016 ​02/24/2017

​Records relating to the permission to use lands within the Muckleshoot Indian Reservation for the Chehalis-Renton transmission line.

Please contact BPA's FOIA Office for records:
​12/29/2016 ​01/17/2018
BPA-2017-00378-F ​Names, titles, and addresses of certain agency positions. ​01/04/2017 ​05/02/2017
​BPA-2017-00426-F ​Salmon and steelhead harvest quotas and catch reports for 2015 and 2016. ​12/29/2016 ​03/23/2017
​BPA-2017-00501-F Information about easements and right-of-ways in Clark County, Washington. ​01/19/2017 ​09/26/2017
BPA-2017-00615-F ​Dollar amount spent for cultural resource work on the Pacific Direct Current Intertie power line project. ​02/28/2017 ​07/17/2017
BPA-2017-00616-F ​Maps, reports, and geotechnical studies of parcel 3022079090 in King County, Washington. ​02/22/2017 ​05/08/2017
BPA-2017-00656-F ​Market Information: Purchases and sales of power. ​03/01/2017 ​05/03/2017
BPA-2017-00680-F ​Technical proposal from AECOM presented in response to Bonneville Power Administration RFO 3899. ​03/08/2017 ​06/16/2017
BPA-2017-00698-F ​BPA Aircraft Services Federal Aircraft Interactive Reporting System Reports, Fiscal Years 2008-2017. ​03/22/2017 ​04/10/2017
BPA-2017-00713-F Agenda and minutes​ for Hydro-Optimization Team meeting held on November 9, 2016. ​03/15/2017 ​05/03/2017
BPA-2017-00721-F ​BPA organizational chart, to include names, duty titles, work phone numbers, and work mailing addresses. ​03/16/2017 ​04/10/2017
BPA-2017-00793-F ​Storm-water management plans for Sno-King Substation. ​03/27/2017 ​05/23/2017
BPA-2017-00900-F Zirkle Fruit Company water system, well, and pipeline infrastructure lease. ​03/24/2017 ​05/17/2017
BPA-​2017-00913-F​​ ​Injury forms and investigation reports submitted to BPA  by MYR Group doing business as Sturgeon Electric Company. ​05/14/2017 ​02/05/2018
BPA-2017-00992-F​ Records of communications that relate to BPA's Human Resource practices from October 2012 to October 2013. ​03/28/2017 ​01/23/2018
BPA-2017-01009-F​ ​Records prepared by the Expert Regional Technical Group on the South Unit Buckmire Slough Project. ​05/02/2017 ​01/08/2018
BPA-2017-01010-F ​Electric service area/territories GIS shapefiles for the State of Washington ​04/26/2017 ​06/07/2017
BPA-2017-01012-F​ ​Manuals and test for the Power System Control Craftsman 1 and 2 training programs. ​04/28/2017 ​10/06/2017
BPA-2017-01139-F ​Hourly power generation data for entire history of the Chester Hydro Facility in Fremont County, Idaho. ​05/22/2017 ​09/05/2017
BPA-2017-01159-F ​Book value and estimated market value of Bonneville Power Administration's transmission line assets. ​05/24/2017 ​06/08/2017
BPA-2017-01195-F​ BPA right-of-way maps for Vantage-Covington No. 1 and Ravensdale-Covington transmission lines in Kent, WA. ​06/05/2017 ​08/02/2017
BPA-2017-01238-F ​BPA purchase-card holders list. ​06/13/2017 ​07/13/2017
BPA-2017-01380-F ​Rebates offered by Bonneville Power Administration  to Jefferson County Utility District. ​06/22/2017 ​08/07/2018
BPA-2017-01395-F ​Proposals submitted in response to RFO 3783, Professional Realty Support Services. ​07/06/2017 ​07/18/2018
BPA-2017-01396-F​ ​Hydro-Optimization Team meeting minutes, April 19, 2017. ​06/29/2017 ​09/01/2017
BPA-2017-01397-F Cowlitz’s measured Total Retail Load data for the previous Fiscal Year in monthly energy amounts and monthly customer system peak amounts;  BPA’s forecast of Cowlitz’s Total Retail Load, for the upcoming Fiscal Year, in monthly energy amounts and monthly customersystem peak amounts; and Cowlitz’s Dedicated Resource energy and peak amounts for the upcoming Fiscal Year and the previous Fiscal Year. ​07/05/2017 ​11/18/2020
BPA-2017-01412-F ​Training guidelines for BPA's Power System Control Craftsman training program. ​07/11/2017 ​09/28/2017
BPA-2017-01451-F ​Proposals from CLEAResult offering services to BPA relating to the Energy Smart Grocer, Retail Sales Allocation Tool, Simple Steps, and any other retail-level rebate programs within past ten years. ​07/18/2017 ​02/20/2019
BPA-2017-01517-F All materials comprising the BPA forecast described in Section 17.6 and 17.7 of BPA's power contract with Cowlitz, and a list of all applicable BPA customers, staff memorandum, reports, or emails pertaining to the 2017 forecast, and staff memorandum, reports, or emails pertaining to NorPac or Cowlitz Public Utility District from 1/1/2017 to the present. ​07/31/2017 ​11/18/2020
BPA-​2017-01518-F​ ​Memorandum of Understanding among the Bonneville Power Administration, the pacific Northwest Regional Council, and four Indian Tribes. ​07/26/2017 ​08/03/2017
BPA-2017-01641-F ​Names and salaries of all Bonneville Power Administration employees, Fiscal Year 2016. ​08/04/2017 ​10/23/2017
​BPA-2017-01645-F ​Unclaimed funds held in accounts managed  by Bonneville Power Administration. ​08/10/2017 ​11/28/2017
BPA-2017-01646-F ​Emergency plans for a Cascadia subduction zone earthquake. ​08/14/2017 ​01/04/2017
BPA-2017-01755-F ​All materials submitted by all companies in response to to RFO 3783, Professional Realty Services. ​09/12/2017 ​08/28/2018