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FY2017 FOIA Requests

​Request Topic ​Received ​Completed

Communications from Grant County PUD to BPA relating to BPA's failure to remove Grant County PUD's short-distance discount.

​10/11/2016 ​07/17/2018
BPA-2017-00069-F ​Records regarding BPA's discovery of and decision to collect undercharged amounts related to Grant County PUD's short-distance discount during 2011. ​10/12/2016 ​09/14/2018
​BPA-2017-00156-F Leases, easements, or agreements associated with Electrical Tower WA0193 and AT&T Tower 61567 in
Kitsap County, Washington.
​01/26/2017 ​02/06/2017
BPA-2017-00178-F ​List of names considered for job announcement
​11/15/2016 ​01/13/2017
BPA-2017-00212-F ​Unpublished BPA reports or memoranda concerning threats to the electric grid system from solar electromagnetic storm activity, and any steps being taken by BPA to address this potential problem. ​12/08/2016 ​01/03/2017
BPA-2017-00309-F ​Minutes and agendas for Hydro-Optimization Team meetings since May 2016. ​11/28/2016 ​02/24/2017

​Records relating to the permission to use lands within the Muckleshoot Indian Reservation for the Chehalis-Renton transmission line.

Please contact BPA's FOIA Office for records:
​12/29/2016 ​01/17/2018
BPA-2017-00378-F ​Names, titles, and addresses of certain agency positions. ​01/04/2017 ​05/02/2017
​BPA-2017-00426-F ​Salmon and steelhead harvest quotas and catch reports for 2015 and 2016. ​12/29/2016 ​03/23/2017
​BPA-2017-00501-F Information about easements and right-of-ways in Clark County, Washington. ​01/19/2017 ​09/26/2017
BPA-2017-00615-F ​Dollar amount spent for cultural resource work on the Pacific Direct Current Intertie power line project. ​02/28/2017 ​07/17/2017
BPA-2017-00616-F ​Maps, reports, and geotechnical studies of parcel 3022079090 in King County, Washington. ​02/22/2017 ​05/08/2017
BPA-2017-00656-F ​Market Information: Purchases and sales of power. ​03/01/2017 ​05/03/2017
BPA-2017-00680-F ​Technical proposal from AECOM presented in response to Bonneville Power Administration RFO 3899. ​03/08/2017 ​06/16/2017
BPA-2017-00698-F ​BPA Aircraft Services Federal Aircraft Interactive Reporting System Reports, Fiscal Years 2008-2017. ​03/22/2017 ​04/10/2017
BPA-2017-00713-F Agenda and minutes​ for Hydro-Optimization Team meeting held on November 9, 2016. ​03/15/2017 ​05/03/2017
BPA-2017-00721-F ​BPA organizational chart, to include names, duty titles, work phone numbers, and work mailing addresses. ​03/16/2017 ​04/10/2017
BPA-2017-00793-F ​Storm-water management plans for Sno-King Substation. ​03/27/2017 ​05/23/2017
BPA-2017-00900-F Zirkle Fruit Company water system, well, and pipeline infrastructure lease. ​03/24/2017 ​05/17/2017
BPA-​2017-00913-F​​ ​Injury forms and investigation reports submitted to BPA  by MYR Group doing business as Sturgeon Electric Company. ​05/14/2017 ​02/05/2018
BPA-2017-00992-F​ Records of communications that relate to BPA's Human Resource practices from October 2012 to October 2013. ​03/28/2017 ​01/23/2018
BPA-2017-01009-F​ ​Records prepared by the Expert Regional Technical Group on the South Unit Buckmire Slough Project. ​05/02/2017 ​01/08/2018
BPA-2017-01010-F ​Electric service area/territories GIS shapefiles for the State of Washington ​04/26/2017 ​06/07/2017
BPA-2017-01012-F​ ​Manuals and test for the Power System Control Craftsman 1 and 2 training programs. ​04/28/2017 ​10/06/2017
BPA-2017-01139-F ​Hourly power generation data for entire history of the Chester Hydro Facility in Fremont County, Idaho. ​05/22/2017 ​09/05/2017
BPA-2017-01159-F ​Book value and estimated market value of Bonneville Power Administration's transmission line assets. ​05/24/2017 ​06/08/2017
BPA-2017-01195-F​ BPA right-of-way maps for Vantage-Covington No. 1 and Ravensdale-Covington transmission lines in Kent, WA. ​06/05/2017 ​08/02/2017
BPA-2017-01238-F ​BPA purchase-card holders list. ​06/13/2017 ​07/13/2017
BPA-2017-01380-F ​Rebates offered by Bonneville Power Administration  to Jefferson County Utility District. ​06/22/2017 ​08/07/2018
BPA-2017-01395-F ​Proposals submitted in response to RFO 3783, Professional Realty Support Services. ​07/06/2017 ​07/18/2018
BPA-2017-01396-F​ ​Hydro-Optimization Team meeting minutes, April 19, 2017. ​06/29/2017 ​09/01/2017
BPA-2017-01412-F ​Training guidelines for BPA's Power System Control Craftsman training program. ​07/11/2017 ​09/28/2017
BPA-2017-01451-F ​Proposals from CLEAResult offering services to BPA relating to the Energy Smart Grocer, Retail Sales Allocation Tool, Simple Steps, and any other retail-level rebate programs within past ten years. ​07/18/2017 ​02/20/2019
BPA-​2017-01518-F​ ​Memorandum of Understanding among the Bonneville Power Administration, the pacific Northwest Regional Council, and four Indian Tribes. ​07/26/2017 ​08/03/2017
BPA-2017-01641-F ​Names and salaries of all Bonneville Power Administration employees, Fiscal Year 2016. ​08/04/2017 ​10/23/2017
​BPA-2017-01645-F ​Unclaimed funds held in accounts managed  by Bonneville Power Administration. ​08/10/2017 ​11/28/2017
BPA-2017-01646-F ​Emergency plans for a Cascadia subduction zone earthquake. ​08/14/2017 ​01/04/2017
BPA-2017-01755-F ​All materials submitted by all companies in response to to RFO 3783, Professional Realty Services. ​09/12/2017 ​08/28/2018