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​​FY2019 FOIA Requests


Request Topic Received​ Completed​
BPA-2019-00500-F ​Contact information for BPA employees involved in procuring telecommunication and IT hardware and services. 02/20/2019 ​02/22/2019
BPA-2019-00258-F ​Right-of-way records for land parcel in Yakima County, Washington. 12/13/2018 ​02/19/2019
BPA-2019-00268-F ​BPA Records Management Self-Assessment Report. 12/17/2018 ​01/15/2019


​Master Contract/Statement of Work between Inter-Con Security
Systems and BPA.
12/03/2018 ​01/23/2019
BPA-2019-00098-F Documents related to the construction of transmission tower in Sultan, Washington. 10/24/2018 ​11/29/2018
​BPA-2019-00008-F Information about BPA's expenditures on commercial and residential incentive programs from 2007 to 2017. 10/03/2018 ​02/20/2019