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​​FY2019 FOIA Requests


Request Topic Received​ Completed​
BPA-2019-01363-F ​Records of utility outages in Cascade Locks, Oregon, 2015-2016. ​09/16/2019 ​10/08/2019
BPA-2019-01297-F ​Vegetation-management inspection records and cut sheets for a property in Eugene, Oregon. ​8/27/2019 ​09/30/2019


​BPA Records Management Self-Assessment Report for 2018.



BPA-2019-01267-F​ ​Notices of encroachment near parcel in Veradale, Washington. ​08/19/2019 ​11/26/2019
BPA-2019-01185-F ​Standard document for recording powerline easements. ​07/30/2019 ​08/01/2019
BPA-2019-01180-F ​List of contractors who provided vegetation-management services on BPA easements in Lane County since 2013. ​07/29/2019 ​08/09/2019
BPA-2019-01053-F​ ​All messages from members of Congress requesting a discounted or renegotiated rate for a BPA customer since january 2015. ​06/26/2019 ​09/04/2019
BPA-2019-00991-F ​Real property records for parcels in Snohomish County, Washington. ​06/07/2019 ​9/30/2019
BPA-2019-00996-F ​List of Technology Innovation Projects, 2005 to present. ​06/07/2019 ​06/17/2019
BPA-2019-00912-F ​Subsidies paid by BPA to wind-power generators. ​05/20/2019 ​06/07/2019
BPA-2019-00831-F ​Vegetation-patrol report. ​05/06/2019 ​05/10/2019
BPA-2019-00727-F ​Procedures for verifying citizenship statuses of contract workers. ​04/09/2019 ​04/10/2019
BPA-2019-00715-F ​Survey maps for land in Grant County, Washington. ​04/08/2019 ​05/29/2019
BPA-2019-00714-F ​Example of an iso-clearance analysis map. ​04/05/2019 ​04/17/2019
BPA-2019-00674-F Transmission standards for performing vegetation management. ​03/15/2019 ​04/03/2019
BPA-2019-00643-F ​Contracts with Franklin Contracting in effect in February, 2019. ​3/22/2019 ​09/30/2019
BPA-2020-00639-F ​Communications between BPA and HiTest Sands/PacWest Silicon. ​03/29/2019 ​09/30/2020
​BPA-2019-00631-F​​ ​Forms used by BPA to record transmission-line easements. ​03/20/2019 ​04/02/2019
BPA-2019-00619-F ​Minimum vegetation safety zones as defined by BPA and WECC. ​03/16/2019 ​03/25/2019
BPA-2019-00596-F ​Correspondence between BPA executives and the Public Power Council, Seattle City Light, Cowlitz County, Tacoma Power, Clark Public Utilities, or Snohomish PUD officials. ​3/13/2019 ​7/16/2019
BPA-2019-00595-F ​Memos or emails written by BPA Vice President of Generation Asset Management containing the words "power costs," "competition," and "solar" or "wind" or "natural gas," ​03/15/2019 ​05/03/2019
BPA-2019-00559-F ​Salaries of all BPA employees for fiscal year 2018, including employee names, job descriptions, and overtime and bonuses. 03/06/2019 ​03/26/2019
BPA-2019-00500-F ​Contact information for BPA employees involved in procuring telecommunication and IT hardware and services. 02/20/2019 ​02/22/2019
BPA-2019-00439-F ​Contracts between BPA and Lewis County Public Utility District 1. ​02/05/2019 ​10/28/2020
​BPA-2019-00412-F ​Third AC Capacity Ownership Agreements between BPA and Snohomish County PUD, PacifiCorp, Seattle City Light, Tacoma City Light, and the Pacific Northwest Genrating Cooperative; Third AC Intertie Construction Agreements between BPA and PacifiCorp; and the Record of Decision for Capacity Ownership Contracts for Non-Federal Participation in the Third AC Intertie. ​01/31/2019 ​11/12/2019
BPA-2019-00411-F ​Contracts between BPA and PacifiCorp regarding (1) construction and commercial use of PacifiCorp's Midpoint to Meridian transmission line and (2) use of the Malin Sunstation. ​01/31/2019 ​10/21/2019
BPA-2019-00410-F ​Construction agreements and agreements regarding commercial transmission rights for Third AC Intertie facilities. ​01/31/2019 ​10/21/2019
BPA-2019-00258-F ​Right-of-way records for land parcel in Yakima County, Washington. 12/13/2018 ​02/19/2019
BPA-2019-00268-F ​BPA Records Management Self-Assessment Reports for 2015, 2016, and 2017. 12/17/2018 ​01/15/2019


​Master Contract/Statement of Work between Inter-Con Security
Systems and BPA.
12/03/2018 ​01/23/2019
BPA-2019-00098-F Documents related to the construction of transmission tower in Sultan, Washington. 10/24/2018 ​11/29/2018
​BPA-2019-00008-F Information about BPA's expenditures on commercial and residential incentive programs from 2007 to 2017. 10/03/2018 ​02/20/2019