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FY2018 FOIA Requests
Request​ ​Topic Received​​ Completed

​BPA's 2013 standing operation order for Teton area voltage support.

​10/2/2017 ​11/6/2017

​Power generation data for the Chester Hydro facility in Idaho.

​9/6/20176 ​6/14/2014
BPA-2018-00081-F ​Construction records, lease agreements, and easements near communication tower at King Lake in Monroe, Washington. 10/10/2017 ​6/29/2018
BPA-2018-00103-F ​Map of Cowlitz Falls Hydroelectric Project FERC #2833. 10/16/2017 ​11/1/2018
BPA-2018-00103-F ​Columbia Gorge wind curtailment data, 2009-2017. ​0/16/2017 ​06/19/2018

​Wind curtailment data for the last ten years  in the Columbia Gorge.

Please contact BPA's FOIA Office for records:
10/16/2017 ​06/19/2018
BPA-2018-00182-F ​Documents relating to the power outage at the Halsey Paper Mill in Halsey, Oregon on July 25,2013. 10/31/2017 ​03/28/2018
BPA-2018-00236-F ​Documents concerning the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers discussions and decisions about implementing the Reasonable and Prudent actions in the Willamette Basin Biological Opinion. 11/01/2017 ​01/29/2018
BPA-2018-00310-F ​Hydro-Optimization Team meeting minutes from October 26, 2017. 11/30/2017 ​01/04/2018
BPA-2018-00327-F ​Sno-Cat service and maintenance records. 12/04/2017 ​12/11/2017
​BPA-2018-00421-F ​Maps and records for BPA right-of-way on Morrow County, Oregon. 12/19/2017 ​02/27/2018
BPA-2018-00447-F ​Photos and sketches of the Bonneville Dam second powerhouse. 12/28/2018 ​01/29/2018
BPA-2018-00519-F ​Records and correspondence regarding right-of-way tract V-K-2-A-22 for the purpose of accessing NE 30th Avenue in Vancouver, Washington. 01/10/2018 ​05/04/2018
BPA-2018-00526-F ​Unclaimed funds held by BPA for recipients whose whereabouts are unknown. 01/12/2018 ​01/18/2018
BPA-2018-00529-F ​Communications between BPA and industry/trade groups regarding Department of Energy Secretary Perry's letter urging FERC to subsidize nuclear and coal plants. ​01/1/2018 ​04/23/2018
BPA-2018-00845-F ​Funding provided by BPA to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 03/23/2018 ​05/17/2018
BPA-2018-00847-F ​Correspondence between BPA and the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife relating to shooting ranges, target shooting, and public safety in the Wenas Wildlife Area in the State of Washington. ​3/23/2018 ​07/02/2018
BPA-2018-01083-F ​Application packet for BPA job vacancy 'Electrician Foreman III (Construction)' in Vancouver, Washington. 05/15/2018 ​06/19/2018
BPA-2018-01088-F ​Service contract and payroll records for the Quenett Creek Substation construction project. 05/15/2018 ​09/24/2018
BPA-2018-01190-F ​Details of recompete rate submissions submitted by ACT1 to BPA. 06/04/2018 ​09/20/2018
BPA-2018-01191-F ​Appraisal-review report for the Swift Creek acquisition project. 06/05/2018 ​07/29/2018
BPA-2018-01268-F ​Information about polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) at Bell Substation in Spokane County, Meade, Washington: purchases of PCBs; PCB spills and cleanups; permits for use of PCBs; ground water and soil sample tests for PCBs; and communications between BPA and state regarding cleanup at Bell Substation. 06/19/2018 ​07/18/2019
BPA-2018-01508-F ​Records of BPA's maximum bill rate for Software Developer -Software Programmer, job requisition BPAJP00008463. 08/22/2018 ​09/17/2018
BPA-2018-01550-F ​Line outage report for the Bandon-Fairview transmission line on July 25, 2018, from 8:00am to 5:00pm. 08/28/2018 ​09/28/018
BPA-2018-01591-F ​Memos and emails regarding BPA's funding efforts for the 
Hydro-Optimization Team.
09/10/2018 ​10/19/2018
BPA-2018-01598-F ​Records, schedules, and reports of Federal Court-ordered spilling on the Columbia River. ​09/11/018 ​10/19/2018