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​FY 2020 FOIA Requests
​Request ​​Topic ​Received ​Completed
BPA-2019-01037-F Studies, scientific data, and reports that were the basis of the Lower Columbia River Chinook use of the Steigerwald Lake Refuge. 06/16/2019 ​11/29/2019
BPA-2020-00085-F ​Agency records relating to the construction projects commonly known as the BPA Morrow Flat UEC, Phase II EPC Project and the BPA Slatt-Montague Wind Interconnection EPC Project on which HDR Constructors, Inc. is the prime contractor. ​10/17/2019 ​01/23/2020
BPA-2020-00225-F ​Annual total generation in MWHr and dollars for all Federal Columbia River Power System powerplants; and the amount of spilling and where it is happening that is mandated by the Court. ​12/05/2019 ​01/03/2020