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​FY 2021 FOIA Requests
​Request ​​Topic ​Received ​Completed
BPA-2021-01107-F ​Security camera footage mentioned in the 2021 U.S Department of Transportation - Federal Railroad Administration investigation of the 2020 oil-train derailment in Custer, Washington. 09/14/2021​​ 10/07/2021​​
BPA-2021-00974-F Log of daily BPAT Hourly TTC Path Limits for the AC_N>S and DC_N>S interties, 2015 to 2021. 08/05/2021​​ 08/17/2021​​
BPA-2021-00966-F ​Contact information for full-time BPA employees. 08/03/2021 08/17/2021​​
BPA-2021-00946-F Input for all of the Multi-Objectives considered by the Columbia
River System Operations Environmental Impact Statement.
07/26/2021 08/04/2021​​
BPA-2021-00941-F Bonus payments to Federal employees of Bonneville Power Administration, 2019-2020. 07/21/2021​​ 08/05/2021​​
BPA-2021-00917-F ​Congressional budget requests, 2015 to 2020. ​07/19/2021 08/02/2021​​
BPA-2021-00841-F ​Records of employee terminations and Equal Employment Opportunity cases at BPA, 2016-2021. 06/22/2021​​ 07/09/2021​​
BPA-2021-00773-F Records concerning the National Marine Fisheries Service’s relationship with Kintama Research Services. 06/03/2021​​ 08/02/2021​
BPA-2021-00610-F ​Records related to aerial saw-topping work performed by Rotor Blade LLC, Swanson Aviation Group, and any other helicopter companies, 2020 to 2021. ​04/21/2021 ​10/07/2021
BPA-2021-00608-F ​Records of Bonneville employees with job title 'Contract Specialist,' 2020-2021. ​04/02/2021​ 05/06/2021​
BPA-2021-00586-F ​Records of Bonneville contract employees who selected another contracting agency die to the "rationalized suppliers" process. ​​04/14/2021 ​09/24/2021
BPA-2021-00584-F ​Annual compensation for BPA executives, 2015 to 2020. 04/14/2021 06/10/2021​​
BPA-2021-00567-F​​ Commercial sales of salmon and steelhead at BPA. 04/09/2021​ 04/15/2021​​
BPA-2021-00503-F ​Submittals to RFO #3553 for Professional Survey and Mapping Services from 2016. 03/24/2021​​ 07/09/2021​​
BPA-2021-00499-F ​Salaries for BPA employees, fiscal years 2020 and 2021. 03/20/2021​ 04/12/2021​
BPA-2021-00474-F Annual revenue from the sale of electricity produced by the Grand Coulee Dam. 03/11/2021​ 03/18/2021​
BPA-2021-00447-F ​Companies with contracts to perform vegetation management for BPA in fiscal years 2020 and 2021. ​03/08/2021 03/23/2021​​
BPA-2021-00426-F ​Records of BPA's use of light detection and ranging (LiDAR) in vegetation management. 02/24/2021 03/02/2021​​
BPA-2021-00278-F ​Records related to the agency's tree and brush control agreements with landowners. 01/11/2021​​ ​1/19/2021​
BPA-2021-00273-F Federal regulations regarding plant trimming or clearance requirements. 01/08/2021​ ​01/14/2021
BPA-2021-00250-F Transition briefing documents prepared by BPA for the incoming Biden administration. ​01/04/2021 01/22/2021​
BPA-2021-00236-F Payments made to BPA Keeler SVC Upgrade andayments made to BPA Keeler SVC Upgrade and BPA Maple Valley SVC Upgrade. 12/28/2020​​ 03/05/2021​​
BPA-2021-00235-F ​Non-public videos on BPA's YouTube website. 12/20/2020​ 1/11/2021​​
BPA-2021-00162-F Sixty-day notices of intent to sue issued by the State of Oregon concerning the Joint Record of Decision for Columbia River System Operations dated September 28, 2020. 11/25/2020​ 11/09/2020​​
BPA-2021-00153-F ​Records of sales of road easements over BPA owned right-of-way known as the Ross-Lexington right-of-way in Washington state. 11/23/2020​​ 05/17/2021​​
BPA-2021-00152-F Records of the last three sales of road easements over BPA owned right-of-way. 11/23/2020​​ 05/17/2021​
Sixty-day notices of intent to sue under the Endangered Species Act concerning the Joint sixty-day notices of intent to sue under the Endangered Species Act concerning the Joint Record of Decision for Columbia River System Operations.
11/02/2020 ​11/05/2019


Records regarding the effects on US water supply and power
supply as a result of the effects of climate change on watersheds in the Canadian province of British Columbia.
​10/28/2020 In progress​
BPA-2021-00057-F ​Information related to BPA's personnel practices around employee drving history and disciplinary actions. 10/13/2020​ ​12/17/2020
BPA-2021-00041-F Records concering recreation or a third-unit study at the Cowlitz Falls project. 10/07/2021​​ 06/17/2021​​
BPA-2021-00039-F ​The agreement between BPA and Lewis County PUD regarding service to Alder Mutual Light Company. ​10/08/2020 11/30/2020​​