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Samuel Moment Collection
In April 1995, the Bonneville Power Administration established the Samuel Moment Aluminum Library and Files as part of its archive documenting the early years of the agency . . .
Sam Moment worked for the Bonneville Power Administration from 1940 to 1954. He specialized in industrial development and the aluminum industry, and his career went international as governments and corporations tapped into his expertise and services. After retiring in 1955, Sam Moment served as an international consultant to the World Bank, the United Nations and many other clients throughout the world. His personal papers reflect international trends, corporate appraisals, strategies and decisions, and include background reports, books, statistical publications, power contracts and plans. Documents which cover a lengthy court case, the Alcoa antitrust case from 1937 to 1957, provide an opportunity for researchers to follow strategies of the federal government in its pursuits of breaking a monopolistic enterprise.

This archive is available to scholars and interested historians, who seek to research and capture the vitality of development and the interplay of private corporations with public forces in the Pacific Northwest. The collection also allows BPA employees to research aluminum contracts and power sales commitments.
Features of the Collection
  • Early decisions of the Bonneville Project Act as interpreted in sales to aluminum companies during World War II, post-World War II and Korean War periods.
  • The role of aluminum in winning World War II.
  • Analysis of the controversy by BPA power sales between new public power bodies and support to the aluminum industry.
  • Initial BPA site studies along the Columbia River for industrial plant development.
  • Congressional decisions and the role of the Surplus Property Board with the disposal of government aluminum plants after World War II.
  • The story of each company's entry into the aluminum industry business including Reynolds, Kaiser and Harvey: a chronology of successes and failures.
  • The exploration for the discovery of bauxite in Australia, Brazil, Guinea, and Jamaica which led to their leadership in worldwide production.
  • Three volumes of Mr. Moment's personal memoirs. Currently being updated, they are copyrighted and held in the name of the Samuel Moment Trust. Permission to publish or use them for any other commercial use may be requested through BPA's Library Services. See below for instructions on how to contact BPA.
Access to the Sam Moment collection is by appointment only. An overview of the collection is necessary before research access is granted. A general printout of the collection is available by e-mail. The collection is housed offsite and it may take a few days to obtain access to requested documents.