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How would a non-participating hydroelectric resource impact the Energy Imbalance Market?

Even though non big-10 resources (federal hydroelectric facilities not on the mainstem Columbia or Snake rivers) would not participate directly in an EIM, they would still be subject to EIM settlements, resulting in debits or credits to true up differences between scheduled and actual generation. Under the proposed EIM model, when BPA submits its base schedule for the non big-10 resources to the California Independent System Operator, the expectation is the exact amount of generation scheduled would equal the actual production. If there is any imbalance, or deviation from the schedule, a debit or credit would result. However, to compensate for the generation difference the EIM must make an adjustment elsewhere on the system to accommodate the difference. Just as with the non-participating resources, this adjustment could also result in a debit or credit but the financial impact cannot be predicted ahead of time. Ultimately, reducing error in scheduled versus actual generation improves predictability and performance in the EIM for BPA.