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BPAs engineers help introduce girls to engineering
As part of National Engineering Week and Girl Day, BPA’s engineers share advice for girls considering a careering in engineeringBPAs-engineers-help-introduce-girls-to-engineering.aspx … As part of National Engineering Week and Girl Day, BPA’s engineers share advice for girls …
February 23, 2017
BPA works on creating a new process for modifying its open access transmission tariff
BPA-works-on-creating-a-new-process-for-modifying-its-open-access-transmission-tariff.aspx … In a series of meetings, BPA will confer with customers and …
January 13, 2017
BPA line crew works to restore power in icy Eugene
BPA linemen Matt Foltz (left) and Aaron Nowak (right) assess the damage to EWEB 115-kV transmission lines in Eugene, Oregon.BPA-line-crew-works-to-restore-power-in-icy-Eugene.aspx … BPA’s Alvey line crew was hard at work Dec. 16-18 helping restore power to thousands of residents in …
January 04, 2017
BPA rate proposal focuses on cost management, maintaining value
BPA rates staff lead a rates workshop earlier this year.BPA-rate-proposal-focuses-on-cost-management-maintaining-value.aspx … The proposed rates for fiscal years 2018 and 2019 signal BPA’s commitment to shifting …
November 10, 2016
The other side of the lines: substation maintenance
The-other-side-of-the-linesSubstation-maintenance.aspx … Substation maintenance at BPA does its part to keep the lights on. … “This is the other side of the lines …
August 26, 2016
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