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BPA expecting big turkey bulge in electricity use on Thanksgiving
BPA-expecting-big-turkey-bulge-in-electricity-use-on-Thanksgiving.aspx … As many across the Northwest enjoy their Thanksgiving feast tomorrow, system …
November 23, 2016
BPA posts 2016 annual report
BPA-posts-2016-annual-report.aspx … BPA has posted its annual report for the 2016 fiscal year. … BPA's new annual report, titled “Investing in the Future,” is …
November 14, 2016
BPA rate proposal focuses on cost management, maintaining value
BPA rates staff lead a rates workshop earlier this year.BPA-rate-proposal-focuses-on-cost-management-maintaining-value.aspx … The proposed rates for fiscal years 2018 and 2019 signal BPA’s commitment to shifting …
November 10, 2016
BPA closes out Integrated Program Review and Capital Investment Review
BPA-closes-out-Integrated-Program-Review-and-Capital-Investment-Review.aspx … The close-out report completes the process that started in June to set spending …
October 12, 2016
BPA makes U.S. Treasury payment on time and in full for 33rd consecutive year
This year’s Treasury payment is paying down high interest rate appropriations debt that the funding the building of the Federal BPA-makes-US-Treasury-payment-on-time-and-in-full-for-33rd-consecutive-year.aspx … This year’s $1.9 billion Treasury payment includes substantial early debt …
October 05, 2016
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