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Meet BPA’s weather and streamflow forecasting team
Meet-BPAs-weather-and-streamflow-forecasting-team.aspx … Today, meet the team who forecasts the two most important things necessary to run a hydroelectric …
December 04, 2018
New process drives more successful outage opportunities for BPA
New-process-drives-more-successful-outage-opportunities-for-BPA.aspx … Cross-agency grid modernization effort results in fewer rescheduled outages and …
February 20, 2019
BPA energy efficiency program receives national recognition
BPA-energy-efficiency-program-receives-national-recognition.aspx … Once again BPA’s ESI program is recognized for its excellence in helping Pacific Northwest …
February 19, 2019
Special Exhibit Visits BPA before Touring the Region
Special-Exhibit-Visits-BPA-before-Touring-the-Region.aspx … An exhibit examining the history of the High Voltage Direct Current Test Center debuts in BPA …
February 11, 2019
Female engineers participate in important conversation about women in science
Female-engineers-participate-in-important-conversation-about-women-in-science.aspx … In recognition of International Day of Women & Girls in Science, BPA …
February 07, 2019
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