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Energy Pulse Northwest is a monthly podcast focused on key electricity industry issues, trends, challenges and innovations of the Pacific Northwest.  The podcast brings you in-depth stories that range from how Northwest energy is produced and transmitted, to how we work to enhance and protect the natural environment. Meet the people behind the scenes, learn about the sometimes bizarre and complex aspects of the energy business, and join us in exploring more about the energy revolution that is already well underway.

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Stand up for Safety with Dr. Todd Conklin

Dr. Todd Conklin, a human and organizational performance consultant, visited Bonneville Power Administration to speak at the annual Stand up for Safety event and took a few minutes to answer some safety questions here on the podcast.
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A conversation with Ben Berry

Meet Benjamin Berry, BPA's chief information officer and one of its newest employees. Read on to learn what inspires Ben and has influenced his life and career.
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Truck versus powerline

The latest episode of Energy Pulse Northwest involves a fallen tree, downed power line and a BPA energy management engineer named Jennifer Williams. As she takes us through the complexities of her situation, Williams explains the decisions that helped her navigate to safety.
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Lightning in a Lab

We take a peek behind the veil of the Carey High Voltage Lab at BPA's Ross Complex in Vancouver. This is where engineers actually create lightning to test the safety and reliability of high-voltage electrical equipment. Electrical engineers Jeff Hildreth and Kellie Robinson talk about the different types of testing they use to ensure equipment is ready for BPA's high-voltage transmission system.
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A conversation with Dan James

We talk to our new deputy administrator, Dan James, about coming on board, the opportunities and challenges he sees facing Bonneville, and his expectations for employees. We discuss leadership, his inspirations and his passion for music. He also shares a story about getting lost with an Oregon governor and offers tips for singing the Star-Spangled Banner.
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