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2007 Wholesale Power (WP-07) Rate Case
June 02, 2006 Workshop
Topics:  Proposed change in the liquidity reserve level due to direct pay, choices regarding the CRAC and DDC thresholds, and the hydro operation assumptions for FY 2007-2009.
(updated on August 29, 2006)

Workshop Materials/Handouts
  1. Revised Workshop Handout (handout)
    (PDF, 8 pages, 66kb, posted here on August 29, 2006)
    [Note: An electronic version of the document handed out at the workshop was originally posted in the Queue on June 2, 2006. It was announced at the workshop that the table on page 8 (Effects of Additional Liquidity from Power Bill Liquidity Program) of the original handout would be revised after the workshop. The revised document was subsequently posted in the Power Rates Document “Queue” on June 7, 2006. It was reposted here without any changes.]

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