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2007 Wholesale Power (WP-07) Rate Case
Initial Proposal:  Rebuttal Testimony
(updated March 20, 2006)

On March 3 & 6, 2006, BPA filed electronic (PDF) versions of its Rebuttal Testimony documents on the Rate Case Parties Web Site.  This page provides direct links to these documents on that site.  Parties may also file rebuttal testimony on these dates.  Their rebuttal testimony can be found in the Exhibits section of the Public Area of the Rate Case Parties Web Site.

Rebuttal Testimony and Statements of Witness Qualifications
Subject   WP-07 #   #
PDF File
Filed on
Parties Site
  Linked on  
This Page
Financial Strategy and Risk Tolerance WP-07-E-BPA-30 17 200 kb 03-06-2006 03-06-2006
Errata 1 (E1) 1 10 kb 03-15-2006 03-20-2006
Introduction of a Partial Resolution of Issues with Parties WP-07-E-BPA-31 16 287 kb 03-03-2006 03-06-2006
Errata 1 (E1) 1 11 kb 03-03-2006 03-06-2006
Errata 2 (E2) 1 10 kb 03-07-2006 03-13-2006
Load Resource Study WP-07-E-BPA-32 9 166 kb 03-06-2006 03-06-2006
Risk WP-07-E-BPA-33 42 594 kb 03-06-2006 03-06-2006
NFB Adjustment and Emergency Surcharge WP-07-E-BPA-34 27 250 kb 03-03-2006 03-06-2006
Slice Revenue Requirement and Rate WP-07-E-BPA-35 12 264 kb 03-03-2006 03-06-2006
Firm Power Products and Services (FPS) Rate Schedule WP-07-E-BPA-36 17 180 kb 03-03-2006 03-06-2006
Implementation of Section 7(b)(2) WP-07-E-BPA-37 18 183 kb 03-03-2006 03-06-2006
Statements of Witness Qualifications WP-07-Q-BPA-55
9 331 kb 03-03-2006 03-06-2006



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