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Searching for Text

The Power Services web site features a Search tool (powered by Google) in the upper right corner of each web page. With this tool you can perform a "basic" search for text in web pages and other electronic documents (PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, etc.) in the Power Services area of the BPA web site.

Instructions:  Use your mouse (or access key P) to highlight the existing text in the box (in order to replace it). Then type in the text for which you want to search and click the "Go" button with your mouse (or press the "Enter" key on your keyboard).

Note:  To perform a "basic" search of the entire BPA web site (including the Power Services sub-site) or other BPA sub-sites, see BPA's search page. This page also includes links to an Advanced Search page and Search Tips. The BPA Advanced Search page can also be accessed directly from the Power Services site by clicking on the Advanced link just below the "Search" tool (or using access key B).


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