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2003 Pacific Northwest Loads and Resources Study
(2003 White Book)
     (updated December 16, 2004)

The 2003 Pacific Northwest Loads and Resources Study (2003 White Book) is a snapshot of conditions as of March 31, 2004, documenting the loads and resources for the Federal system and region for the 10-year study period OY 2005 through 2014. The White Book contains projections of regional and Federal system load and resource capabilities, along with relevant definitions and explanations. The White Book also contains information obtained from formalized resource planning reports and data submittals including those from individual utilities, the Northwest Power and Conservation Council (Council), and the Pacific Northwest Utilities Conference Committee (PNUCC). The 2003 White Book consists of a Summary Document and a 2-volume Technical Appendix.

To request a printed copy of the 2003 White Book Summary Document, please contact the BPA Public Information Center and ask for the 2003 Pacific Northwest Loads and Resources Study (DOE/BP-3559).

Electronic (PDF) versions of the 2003 White Book Summary Document and Technical Appendix (Volumes 1 & 2) are available below. Please note that the "Fast Web View" feature has been enabled for these PDF files. This allows the first pages of these documents to be viewed within your web browser before the remaining pages have been downloaded. To download an entire document at once, click on the link to the document with your right mouse button and select "Save Target As".

  • Summary Document (DOE/BP-3559)
    (PDF, Fast Web View enabled, 138 pages, 4 MB; originally posted October 26, 2004; reposted December 16, 2004 with corrected Exhibits 23 & 24)
    [Note: Sections 7 and 8 (pages 53 - 112) of this PDF file were created from scanned images of printed pages, which is why the overall file size is so large.]
    • Summary Errata Pages (Exhibits 23 & 24) Only
      (PDF, 3 pages, 188 kb, posted December 16, 2004)
      [Note: This document also includes a cover page with instructions and a note that describes the corrections made to Exhibits 23 & 24 on pages 98 and 99 (resulting in a minimal effect on the forecast of PNW regional capacity surplus/deficits). This document is primarily intended for those who already received printed copies of the Summary Document (since it is not being reprinted) or those who already downloaded electronic copies of the Summary Document from this web site between October 26 and December 16, 2004 and do not wish to download the entire document again.]
  • Technical Appendix - Volume 1, Energy Analysis (DOE/BP-3560)
    (PDF, Fast Web View enabled, 431 pages, 2.0 MB, posted December 9, 2004)
  • Technical Appendix - Volume 2, Capacity Analysis (DOE/BP-3561)
    (PDF, Fast Web View enabled, 392 pages, 1.7 MB, posted December 9, 2004)

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