NW Hydro Recreation
To MAIN PAGE About BPA NW Hydro The Columbia River For Kids of all Ages Gallery NW Recreation Since the Columbia River and its tributaries belong to us all, we share in the enjoyment they bring. The variety of recreational activities around the River contributes to the high quality of life we have in the Pacific Northwest. NW Recreation

Where once the river was a wild raging torrent, it is now a series of long lakes. There is so much to see, to do, and to explore here! We might hike a forest trail or go boating. We might windsurf or go fishing, or swimming, bicycling, diving, camping, or sightseeing. This is a photographer's and an explorer's paradise. NW Recreation

As we watch this mighty River press its way through two countries and several states, knowing no boundaries, forging a path through every obstacle before it, we are inspired by the enormity and solemnity of it all. From a narrow, gentle spring to wide, mighty and boisterous river, the Columbia rules in the northwest.
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