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President Roosevelt Visits Bonneville Dam
President and First Lady visit the Dam (161k)
FDR Signing the BPA Act (56k)
FDR in limo at the Dam (74k)
President Roosevelt
dam construction Bonneville Dam
Before 2nd Powerhouse was constructed
Area Today: Looking West | Looking East
New Locks | Generator Turbine Repair
Generator Visitors' Walkway
Grand Coulee Dam
Construction: W. Cofferdam | E. Cofferdam
Base of Dam Completed March 8, 1938
Hallway | Inside Generator | Generators
Exterior | Night | Pumping Facility
Grand Coulee Dam
Vanport Flood Northwest Floods
1948: Vanport - Rescue | Vanport - River View | Homes lost | Vanport - River View 2 | 1996 Willamette River Flood
'96 Downtown Portland
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