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Here are more great kids' links:
For NW Teachers - BPA Resources available

Other Internet Links:
FEMA for Kids Zippie Smokey Bear Website
EPA Explorers Club Energy Quest White House For Kids

More Links:
Water, Rivers, Fish, Streams:

BPA Kids In The Creek - another of our sites! Kids' nature exploration
EPA Water Site
International Year of Ocean's Kid's & Teacher's Resources
-- from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency.
Kid's Information Center - Fish and Wildlife Service, Endangered Species Division.
Energy Links:
Energy Quest - for Kids California Dept of Energy
EREN -- Kid's Stuff - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network.

More Good Sites:
Arctic Exploration Online NASA Quest Site.
FBI Kid's K-5th Gr Page
FDA Kids - Food and Drug Administration.
Hubble Space Telescope Kids Corner - NASA

MSHA Kid's Page - Mine Safety and Health Administration.

The Learning Web - U.S. Geological Survey.
U.S. Treasury Education Page
USFA Kids Home Page - U.S. Fire Administration.
US- SSA Kids and Families - Social Security Administration.

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