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Regional Dialogue
Transfer Service -- Historically known as: General Transfer Agreements

(updated October 13, 2006)

This web page provides information related to the work under Regional Dialogue regarding Transfer Service. After completion of workshops during the short-term regional dialogue process, additional meetings were scheduled to discuss remaining issues regarding Transfer Service.   Questions on this program can be sent to Garry Thompson at grthompson@bpa.gov or Connie Howard at cmhoward@bpa.govComments can be e-mailed to comment@bpa.gov, submitted online at www.bpa.gov/comment, faxed to 503-230-3285, or mailed to Bonneville Power Administration, P.O. Box 14428, Portland, OR 97293-4428.

Transfer Service Documents
  1. Updated Transfer Service meeting schedule
    (PDF, 1 page, 89 kb, posted October 13, 2006) 

  2. Materials for Oct. 19, 2005 meeting 
  3. Agenda
    (DOC, 1 page, 56 kb, posted October 13, 2006)

    BPA handout 
    (PPT, 28 pages, 67 kb, posted October 13, 2006)

  4. Materials for Nov. 7, 2005 meeting 

    BPA handout - proposed principles, interests and procedures 
    (DOC, 1 page, 32 kb, posted October 13, 2006)

    BPA handout - meeting presentation 
    (PPT, 9 pages, 38 kb, posted October 13, 2006)

    PNGC handout
    (PDF, 5 pages, 1349 kb, posted October 13, 2006)

  5. Materials for Dec. 8, 2005 meeting

    BPA handout 
    (PPT, 25 pages, 103 kb, posted October 13, 2006)

    PPC handout 
    (DOC, 2 pages, 38 kb, posted October 13, 2006)

  6. Materials for Feb. 9, 2006 meeting

    Feb. 6, 2006 PPC letter 
    (PDF, 3 pages, 82 kb, posted October 13, 2006)


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