Current Preliminary Proposal
Bifurcated Rate Case

As of January 30, 1998

BPA is currently focusing on how to develop an initial proposal for a power rate case in 1998, and a transmission rate case in 2001. The 1998 rate case will support the revenue requirement and cost recovery determination for power rates. The 2001 rate case will do the same for transmission. We will be working to quickly determine whether this approach is feasible.

1998 Rate Case Issues

Issues unique to this proposal:

Functionalization issues not unique to this proposal:

FERC/Procedural Filing Issues

We expect to submit to FERC at the end of the 1998 rate case a Power Revenue Requirement Study, power repayment study/cost recovery demonstration for power revenues at proposed rates, and Statements A-F showing power data only.

2001 Rate Case  
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