Subscription WorkGroup (Work in Progress)
Handout at April 15, 1998 Meeting

  Full Service Partial Service New Publics & Service of Exchange Loads
Load Growth
  • Load Growth for all Full Service Customers will be covered. This includes Full Service Customers with non-dispatchable generation resources.
  • PF"
  • No PF' Load Growth above purchase commitment.
  • Inventory Availability will reflect PF' or PF" rate.
  • If Exchange Load, assignment from IOU.
Load Loss Covered May be similar to Full Service? Subject to further clarification from the Partial Team. Covered, if Full Service.
Retail Access Load Gain - tagging & schedules PF" PF" PF"
Retail Access Load Loss - tagging & schedules Mitigation Products. Re-sell, re-market, insurance. Same Same

New Large Single Loads NLSL are not covered by Load Growth and are subject to the NR rate in all cases.


Load Growth

The increase in a customer's total retail load due to growth occurring on the customer's distribution system.


Load Loss

The decrease in customer's total retail load as a result of plant closure, demolition, or destruction of a load(s) or conservation activity occurring on the customer's distribution system, including fuel switching.


Retail Access Load Gain

The increase in a customer's served load as a result of growth that does not occur on its distribution system. Allowed as a result of State or Federal Retail Access Legislation.


Retail Access Load Loss

The decrease in the customer's served load due to a different energy supplier now serving an existing load that was on the customer's distribution system.


Netting of loads in the Retail Access Load Loss and Gains will be available via Bonneville Retail Access mitigation products.


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