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Federal Power Marketing Subscription
Sponsored by:
Bonneville Power Administration (BPA)
Pacific Northwest Utilities Conference Committee (PNUCC)

Public Involvement/Communication Plan
March 11, 1997

Public Involvement Opportunities

The Federal Power Marketing Subscription development process is an open process. The following identifies the public involvement opportunities available to the public.
  1. Meetings - All meetings (Workgroup, Update Meetings, etc.) are open to the public. Adequate notice of these meetings will be provided. However, Workgroup meetings will occur every other week and some changes in the schedule are possible. If you should miss a meeting and want to verify the time and place of the next Workgroup meeting, call BPA or PNUCC at the numbers listed below or check the BPA Internet address listed below.
  2. Subscription Process Products/Decisions - All major products produced and major decisions made by the Workgroup will be available to the public for their review and comment.

Communication Plan

The PNUCC/BPA Workgroup will communicate regularly with the public. The following communications will take place during the process.
  1. Meeting Notices - Information will be provided via a variety of communication tools:
    • PNUCC/BPA Subscription Process Mailing List
    • BPA Journal
    • BPA Internet Address (www.bpa.gov) Once you are in the site, click on the Power button.
    • Telephone Numbers for information on the Subscription Process
      • BPA (1-800-622-4519)
      • PNUCC (1-503-294-1268)
  2. Meeting Notes - Notes will be taken during all public Update meetings and summaries of all Workgroup meetings will be made available soon after each meeting. Notes will be:
    • Sent to Subscription Process mailing list,
    • Available on the Internet (BPA address), and
    • Available in the BPA Public Information Center (Document request line phone number is 1-800-622-4520).
  3. Monthly Updates - Monthly updates will be provided in the BPA Journal.

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