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"Slice of the System" Proposal
Schedule to Close-Out the Public Process and to
Finalize the Slice Product Description

(updated on February 12, 1999)

Slice customer work group meetings concluded at the end of January 1999. BPA has proposed the following schedule to close out the public process that began last fall and to finalize the Slice product description. The dates are tentative and may change slightly. Updates on this schedule will be provided.

Tentative Date
Finalize Slice proposal (following PBL management approval) February 19
Transmit final proposal to interested parties outside BPA for review and comment.

February 23

Public comment period open

February 23 - March 9

Hold Slice Public Meeting in Seattle (Go over final proposal.) March 4
Comment period closes. March 9
Summarize comments March 10-12
Analyze comments and prepare final Slice Product March 15-19
Publish final Slice product End of March

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