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Models Used for the 2003 SN CRAC (SN-03) Expedited Rate Case
ToolKit Model for SN CRAC
Initial Proposal

(Treasury Payment Probability Calculation)
(files posted to Power Rates Queue on April 1, 2003)
(files posted to this web page on April 4, 2003)

Summary: The model described on this page is the one used by BPA to determine the Treasury Payment Probability, Treasury Recovery Probability and Zero Net Revenue standards for the SN CRAC Initial Proposal. These source files represent the output found in the SN CRAC study documentation, SN-03-E-BPA-02_Chapt7_RateDesign.

Contact Person: Byrne Lovell, BPA Strategic Planning, (503) 230-3930, belovell@bpa.gov.

Instructions: The model consists of three Excel files and instructions (PDF file) that can be downloaded individually (below) or as a single compressed (self-extracting) file (.EXE file, 1.57 MB).   After the compressed file has been downloaded to a folder on a local drive, it can be decompressed by double-clicking on the file (total expanded size = 4.72 MB).   If you wish to download the files individually and your web browser is configured to open Excel files within the browser, click on the links with your right mouse button and select "Save Target As" to download.   Place all three Excel files into a common folder and launch the SN CRAC ToolKit Trigger Case Model file first. The PBL and TBL input files will be linked automatically. If for any reason Excel does not locate these files, a dialogue box will appear and request that these files be linked to the ToolKit Trigger Case Model.

  1. Instructions (PDF, 187 kb)
  2. SN CRAC ToolKit Trigger Case Model
    (TK_178_Case_E3ud_030225.xls, 3.5 MB)
  3. PBL Annual Net Revenue input file
    (ToolKit_SNCRAC_Initial.xls, 694 kb)
  4. TBL input file
    (TBL_SN_Initial_2-21-03.xls, 462 kb)

Archive of content originally posted or last updated on:  April 4, 2003.
Content originally provided by:  Michael Normandeau, BPA Power Business Line.
Content provided by:  Greg Gustafson, 503-230-5820, gcgustafson@bpa.gov.
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