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August 18, 2004
FB/SN CRAC Workshop
(updated January 3, 2005)

Workshop Materials/Handouts
  1. August 3, 2004 Letter (workshop announcement)
    (PDF, 1 page, 25 kb, posted August 4, 2004)
    [Note: The August 3rd letter above also announced a tentative FB/SN CRAC Workshop on September 7th which was later CANCELLED. For more information, see the September 3rd letter (PDF, 101 kb, posted September 3, 2004).]
  2. Setting the Financial Based and Safety Net Cost Recovery Adjustment Clause Rate Adjustments for FY 2005 (revised workshop packet)
    (PDF, 20 pages, 96 kb, posted in the "Queue" on August 18, 2004; revised and posted here on August 31, 2004)
    [Note: The last page of this handout (page 20) was revised after the workshop to provide a more comprehensive summary of public comments. Page 20 also incorporates the information in the 1-page "Summary of Public Comments" document that was handed out separately at the workshop. This version of the handout also includes some minor editorial revisions and date corrections made after the workshop.]
  3. Summary of Public Comments - First Comment Period (workshop handout)
    (1 page, posted in the "Queue" on August 18, 2004; not posted here since the information was incorporated on the last page of the above packet after the workshop)
  4. PBL Statement of Revenues and Expenses, 3rd Qtr Review FY04 and Forecasted FY05-06 Update (workshop handout)
    (PDF, 2 pages, 16 kb, posted in the "Queue" on August 18, 2004; posted here on August 31, 2004)
Responses to Workshop Data Requests
  1. Breakout of FB and SN CRAC Dollars and Rates (detailed ToolKit results)
    (PDF, 1 page, 7 kb, posted in the "Queue" on August 20, 2004; posted here on August 31, 2004)
  2. Accrual to Cash Adjustments For FY 2005 FB/SN CRAC Rates (break-out of calculations used in ToolKit)
    (PDF, 1 page, 9 kb, posted in the "Queue" on August 20, 2004; posted here on August 31, 2004)
Other Related Post-Workshop Materials
  1. BPA Responses to Public Comments
    (PDF, 2 pages, 14 kb, posted September 16, 2004)
  2. Monthly Adjusted Power Rates for October 2004 - March 2005 (CRAC 7 period)
    (PDF, 3 pages, 13 kb, posted September 16, 2004)
    [Note: The "CRAC 7 monthly rates tables" document originally posted here at 11 a.m. was corrected and reposted at 1 p.m.]
  3. Actual and Projected PF-02 Adjusted Rates chart (FY 2002-2006, updated for CRAC 7 period)
    (PDF, 1 page, 12 kb, posted September 16, 2004)
  4. PBL FY 2004 Third Quarter Review Forecast of Generation Accumulated Net Revenue
    (PDF, 2 pages, 110 kb, dated August 2004, posted January 3, 2005)

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