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Wholesale Power Rates
April - September 2004

(CRAC 6 period)

"Monthly Adjusted" Wholesale Power Rates
Effective April 1 - September 30, 2004  (CRAC 6 period)
(PDF, 4 pages, 14 kb, originally posted January 12, 2004; corrected and reposted on January 14, 2004)

Note: The PDF document above provides a table of monthly Slice, PF, RL, and IP rates with a 47.00% non-Slice LB + FB + SN CRAC adjustment for each month of the six-month rate period. The table below is simply a six-month average of the adjusted rates. For more information, see the December 18, 2003 Workshop page.

"Average Adjusted" Wholesale Power Rates 1/
Effective April 1 - September 30, 2004  (CRAC 6 period)
(Updated April 9, 2004)
Average rates with 47.00%
non-Slice LB + FB + SN CRAC Adjustment for
4/1/04 - 9/30/04
(Rates in cents/kWh except Slice)
PF (shaped, undelivered) 3.28
PF (flat, undelivered) 2.90
RL (flat, undelivered) 2.90
PF Exchange (flat, undelivered) 2.90
IP TAC (A) (flat, undelivered) 3.45
IP TAC (B) (flat, undelivered) 3.67
NR Power (flat, undelivered) 5.58
Slice Monthly 2/ $1,776,133/month

1/ The rates shown here represent an average annual rate assuming the non-Slice LB + FB + SN CRAC adjustment for this 6 month period would apply to rates for the entire rate period. The actual rate paid by any individual customer will vary according to the shape of the load and the products and services purchased. The rates do not include the cost of transmission. The rates shown also do not include the application of the Conservation and Renewable Discount (C&RD) Program credit (½ mill/kWh). The average annual rates for those customers that take the C&RD credit are 0.05 cents/kWh lower than the rates shown here.

2/ The Slice rate is for one percent of the system, excluding true-ups.


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