2002 Power Rate Case
Amended Proposal

(Updated on January 16, 2001)

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Federal Register Notice (PDF, 189 kb, dated December 1, 2000) announces BPA's proposed amendments to the 2002 wholesale power rate proposal (WP-02). Public comments on the amended proposal are welcome at any time until February 14, 2001. Written comments should be submitted to: Mr. Michael Hansen, Public Involvement and Information Specialist, Bonneville Power Administration, P.O. Box 12999, Portland, Oregon 97212.

2002 Amended Power Rate Proposal Supporting Study (updated on January 16, 2001)

Testimony ( updated January 16, 2001)

Models and Materials used to develop the Amended Proposal:

AURORA files used in the Risk Analysis Study (posted December 22, 2000)

REVISED Risk Analysis and Mitigation Models (posted December 12, 2000)
   (Treasury Payment Probability Calculation - ToolKit and NORM)

Risk Analysis and Mitigation Models (posted November 14, 2000)
   [Note: Due to errors, the 11/14/00 models are no longer being used - - see revised models above.]

November 8, 2000 Workshop Materials (updated November 14, 2000)

Keeping Current: "Amended Power Rate Case Responds to Historic Market Changes" (PDF, 606 kb, December 2000) provides a general description of the amended proposal and the current status of the rate case proceeding. See also BPA Journal: "BPA adjusts power rates to cover costs" (PDF, 189 kb, December 2000)

Letter to Interested Customers and Parties (PDF, 26 kb, dated December 4, 2000) - This letter announces a public field hearing on Monday, January 22, 2001, at 6:30 p.m. in Portland (Embassy Suites Hotel - Portland Airport, 7900 NE 82nd Ave., Portland, OR 97225, 503-460-3000).

Background Information:

November 8, 2000 BPA News Release
November 8, 2000 Letter (PDF, 31 kb)
October 18, 2000 Letter (PDF, 42 kb)
October 5, 2000 Letter (PDF, 27 kb)

For additional background information on the Amended Proposal and the Treasury Payment Probability (TPP) issue, see "2002 Rate Case Announcements" posted between October 6th and November 20th, 2000, and "Subscription Announcements" posted between August 1st and September 21st, 2000.

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