2002 Power Rate Case
Final Proposal

(Updated on June 22, 2000)

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BPA released the Record of Decision on the 2002 Power Rate Case on May 15. BPA will file the complete record (up to 80,000 pages) with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in June 2000, and ask FERC to grant interim approval of the rates within 60 days of the rate filing. The WP-02 rates will go into effect 10/1/01. BPA will also ask FERC for interim approval of the Targeted Adjustment Charge for Uncommitted Loads (TACUL) within 60 days of the rate filing, and final approval of the TACUL by January 1, 2001. The TACUL will be in effect until 9/30/01. BPA will also ask FERC for a 10-year approval of the Slice methodology.

Record of Decision (updated June 22, 2000)

Letter to Interested Parties and Customers (posted May 19, 2000)

Final Studies (updated June 22, 2000)

Models Used for the 2002 Final Power Rate Proposal :

Risk Analysis and Mitigation Models (ToolKit and NORM) (posted May 25, 2000)

Rate Analysis Model (RAM) (posted June 8, 2000)

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