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Models Used for the 2002 Initial Power Rate Proposal

Marginal Cost Analysis (MCA) Data Base

(web page updated on August 30, 1999)

Contact Person: Rob Anderson, BPA Power Business Line, (503) 230-5952,

Summary / Instructions: The MCA Data Base file is the input to the AURORA model used in the Marginal Cost Analysis (MCA). The data base file contains several large tables. Some of this data directly represents assumptions in the MCA while other data represent pointers or other instructions for AURORA.

The AURORA model is owned by EPIS, Inc. and licensed to users. BPA has reached an agreement with EPIS to make the model used in the BPA rate case available to interested parties for $1000. For information on the BPA rate case license contact:

EPIS, Inc.
18813 Willamette Dr.
West Linn, OR 97068
The MicroFin file is an Excel workbook that is used to evaluate the fixed costs of new generation equipment and convert these data in AURORA input format. The essential input data is shown on the 'PROJECT' tab. Use Tools/Scenarios to check various types of generation equipment. To convert the data into AURORA input format, click the "Calcuate AAVs" button on the 'Aurora Calcs' tab. View the AURORA input data on the 'AAV Output' tab.

Electronic Files Currently Available: [ Notes: The first two files below have a combined size of approximately 9.4 MB. If you wish to download both of these files, a single compressed (self-extracting) file containing both files (.EXE file, 1.6 MB, posted August 25, 1999) is now available for quicker downloading. After this file has been downloaded to a folder on a local drive, it can be decompressed by double-clicking on the file. If your web browser is configured to open Excel files within the browser, you can view the individual Excel file below by clicking on the linked file name with your left mouse button. To download an individual file to a local drive, click on the linked file name with your right mouse button and select "Save Target As..."]

  1. MCA Data Base:
     Init_In.mdb (MS Access 97 file, 8.7 MB !!!, posted August 18,1999)

  2. MicroFin Workbook:
     MicroFin_2Oct98.xls (MS Excel file, 668 kb, posted August 19,1999)

  3. AURORA project setup for long term resource optimization:
     Initial LongTerm.apf ( 5 kb, posted August 26,1999)

  4. AURORA project setup for determining prices after the resources have been optimized:
     Initial Hourly.apf ( 5 kb, posted August 26,1999)

  5. Natural Gas Data: Three Excel files with background natural gas data found in the MCA study are contained in this compressed, self-extracting (.exe) file. "Gas_S&D.xls" (327 kb) contains historical supply and demand data, "Gas_Hist.xls" (577 kb) are the historical prices and analyses relating to pricing differentials between AURORA areas, "Gas_FC.xls" (188 kb) is the gas price forecast for the production basins and AURORA areas.
     gas.exe ( compressed size = 344 kb, posted August 30,1999)

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