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Models Used for the 2002 Initial Power Rate Proposal

Rate Analysis Model (RAM)

(web page updated on November 19 , 1999)

Summary: The RAM consists of five linked spreadsheet models (RAM-Prog.xls, RAM-7b2.xls, ResexRAM02.xls, EAF01_05.xls, and Input.xls) that perform the calculations necessary to develop BPA's wholesale power rates. SUMMARY.xls (posted August 31, 1999) is linked to RAM_Prog_Initial_W.xls and provides a summary of the RAM modeling results along with revenue recovery checks.

Contact Person: Bill Doubleday, BPA Power Business Line, (503) 230-7570,

Electronic Files Currently Available: [ Notes: The 14 files below have a combined size of approximately 6.11 MB. You can download all of these files in a single compressed (self-extracting) file (.EXE file, 1.9 MB, updated November 19, 1999). After this file has been downloaded to a folder on a local drive, it can be decompressed by double-clicking on the file. If your web browser is configured to open PDF and/or Excel files within the browser, you can view each individual file below by clicking on the linked file name with your left mouse button. To download an individual file to a local drive, click on the linked file name with your right mouse button and select "Save Target As..."]

  1. Description of RAM Models
    RAM_Description.pdf (7 kb, posted August 23, 1999)

  2. Steps for Running RAM
    Running_RAM.pdf (8 kb, updated August 24, 1999, 2 PM)

  3. RAM Program Case
    RAM-Prog_Initial_W.xls (Excel 97, 1104 kb, posted August 23, 1999)

  4. RAM 7b2 Case
    RAM-7b2_Initial_W.xls (Excel 97, 591 kb, posted August 23, 1999)

  5. Residential Exchange RAM
    ResexRAM02_Initial_W.xls (Excel 97, 1479 kb, posted August 23, 1999)

  6. Energy Allocation Factor Model
    EAF01_05_Initial_W.xls (Excel 97, 627 kb, updated November 19, 1999)

  7. Input for RAM
    Input_Initial_Web.xls (Excel 97, 476 kb, posted August 23, 1999)

    SUMMARY.xls (Excel 97, 87 kb, posted August 31, 1999)

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