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Models Used for the 2002 Initial Power Rate Proposal


(web page updated on October 5, 1999)


RiskMod consists of a set of risk simulation models collectively referred to as RiskSim; a computer program that manages data referred to as Data Manager; and RevSim, a model that calculates net revenues.

Data for RiskMod is stored in MicroSoft Access databases. A 50 Water Year run uses one Input database and one Output database. A Risk Simulation run requires one Input database and 18 Output databases.

A reporting tool is available to generate reports from the RiskMod input and output databases..

It is estimated that downloading RiskMod and its associated databases would take approximately 2 hours using "average" equipment. Therefore, RiskMod, its associated databases, and all other ancillary files have been copied to a compact disk.

Technical Requirements:
The risk simulation models contained in RiskSim were developed in the @Risk computer software package. This software is an add-in computer package to Microsoft Excel and is available from Palisade Corporation.

Investigation of the RiskMod Input and Output databases requires knowledge and the use of Microsoft Access.

Investigation of the data management procedures used in RiskMod requires knowledge and the use of Visual Basic 5.0, Visual Basic for Applications (Excel) and MicroSoft Data Access Objects.

Data Manager Program (54 KB self-extracting zip file. 108 KB when unzipped)
RiskMod FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions .PDF Document. 5KB)


To request a copy of the RiskMod CD contact: Margo Snook (503) 230-7458,

For technical questions regarding the RiskMod database or interaction with other models contact Arnold Wagner (503) 230-3272,

For technical questions regarding RevSim and RiskSim contact Sid Conger (503)230-5635,

Information provided by: Greg Gustafson, BPA Power Business Line, 503-230-5820,

Web page updated by Jim Viskov,

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