2002 Power Rate Case Supplemental Proposal
Rebuttal Testimony

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Paper copies of the following BPA Rebuttal Testimony documents were provided to rate case parties on March 27, 2001, and may be requested from BPA's Public Reference Room, 503-230-7334 (ask for DOE/BP-3368). BPA’s rebuttal testimony addresses the issues raised by the rate case parties. Each party may file rebuttal testimony, but BPA does not have other parties’ material available on this website. You may contact the parties directly for copies of their rebuttal testimony (see latest Service List of Rate Case Parties, PDF, 44 kb).

Electronic (PDF) versions of BPA rebuttal testimony documents and witness qualifications are available below.

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- Errata 1

Policy Issues 17


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Allen L. Burns, Sydney D. Berwager, Michael J. DeWolf
Risk Analysis Study and No-Slice Risk Analysis 10
35 kb
03/27/01 Sidney L. Conger, Arnold L. Wagner, Edward L. Bleifuss, Robert J. Petty, Robert W. Anderson, Mark H. Ebberts, Jon A. Hirsch, Elizabeth A. Evans, Carl T. Buskuhl, Juergen M. Bermejo
Risk Mitigation 72

208 kb

03/27/01 Valerie A. Lefler, Byrne E. Lovell, Sidney L. Conger, Edward L. Bleifuss, Byron G. Keep, James C. Sapp, Robert J. Procter, Timothy D. McCoy, Carie E. Lee
Rate Case Market Price Forecast for Investor-Owned Utilities’ Residential Exchange Program Settlements 10
32 kb
03/27/01 William J. Doubleday, Lawrence E. Kitchen, Byron G. Keep, Robert J. Petty
Rate Directives 13

41 kb

03/27/01 Mark H. Ebberts, Byron G. Keep, William J. Doubleday, Harry W. Clark, Rodney E. Boling
Rate Design 17

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03/27/01 Byron G. Keep, Gregory C. Gustafson, Gerard C. Bolden, William J. Doubleday, Gary C. Insley, Jon A. Hirsch

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