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Pricing for Transmission Losses Product

Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) Power Services offers to sell transmission return of losses to interested customers.  If customers choose to purchase the transmission losses from BPA Power Services, customers need to contact the Trader listed below.

Transmission losses as defined by the BPA Transmission Services.  Customers will need to arrange a contract with BPA Power Services.  BPA Transmission Services will bill customers on behalf of Power Services using the energy price below.

BPA Power Services will charge customers energy price based on the simple monthly average of IntercontinentalExchange (ICE) Mid-Columbia Electricity Price Index, Firm On Peak (excludes Sundays and NERC holidays) plus 15%.  Power Services will provide a monthly average price to BPA Transmission Services for the month. BPA Power Services will update this price posting annually.

Contact Persons:
David Dernovsek (503) 230-5763
Dan Le  (503) 230-3144


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