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The "Queue" is a tool that allows authorized BPA employees to quickly make documents available on the Power Services Site in advance of their official web site publication.   [Please note the Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.]

The Queue is intended to be used when the contents of important documents need to be available before the documents go through our normal web site publishing process, or when web support staff are not currently available to create links to the documents on the appropriate web pages.

Example:  BPA meeting and workshop handouts are sometimes not finalized until a few minutes before they are distributed at a meeting or workshop. Electronic versions of these handouts can be placed in the Queue for those who are participating by telephone.

Documents placed in the Queue will be available on the web site within 5 minutes.

Notes:  1) If no documents are available in the Queue, you will only see a link "To Parent Directory" which will return you to this page;  2) The <dir> tag indicates a link to a subdirectory that may contain additional documents;  3) If you recently checked the Queue for documents, remember to "refresh" your web browser to see if any documents have been added since then;  4) Depending on the file type, you may be able to view a document within your web browser by clicking on the file name with your left mouse button. To download a document to a local drive, click on the file name with your right mouse button and select "Save Target As".

Disclaimer:  Documents in the Queue are considered by BPA to be unofficial versions and may be removed or revised by BPA before they are officially published elsewhere on the web site. These documents have not yet been reviewed for compliance with BPA web site publishing standards regarding page formatting (headers, footers, page numbers, date, etc.), metadata (title, subject, author, etc.), file naming, file type, file size, etc.


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