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​Sustainability at BPA
BPA’s Sustainability Program works hard to find resource efficiencies that reduce the agency’s environmental footprint, reduce costs, and support our core value of trustworthy stewardship. The 2018 Sustainability Report highlights these efforts and others across the agency.

This report highlights the efforts of a workforce committed to Bonneville’s role as an engine of the Northwest’s economic prosperity and environmental sustainability.

BPA reduces environmental impacts and costs through sustainability
BPA’s Sustainability Program publishes an annual report to show how the agency has improved operations, enhanced the environment, invested in people, and supported local communities. The fiscal year 2018 Sustainability Report demonstrates how this work supports BPA’s strategy to maintain its role as an engine of economic prosperity and environmental sustainability.
The report highlights the many ways BPA continues to advance sustainable practices, including how it: 
  • Reduced waste and increased revenues by turning 300 tons of steel and aluminum cable into marketable scrap.
  • Restored and protected habitat for fish and wildlife, from salmon and steelhead to threatened frogs and pollinators.
  • Promoted awareness and engagement across the workforce.
  • Partnered with Northwest tribes to conserve energy.

BPA’s sustainability efforts will continue to work in concert with the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan, supporting its goals of strengthening financial health and modernizing our assets and system operations.

To conserve resources, a limited number of hard copies are available in the BPA Library and Visitor Center.