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​Notice: Appropriate Use of Transmission Reservations

Posted Date: 6/23/2021

  • Bonneville has recently observed the submission of temporary e-Tags that do not appear intended to support the actual delivery of an energy product. Rather, these temporary e-Tags appear intended to temporarily modify the results of Bonneville’s ATC and flow management software systems to create counter-flow ATC so that a customer can acquire additional non-firm transmission rights.  
  • The intentional creation and withdrawal of e-tags, with no expectation of any actual energy delivery and for the intended purpose of creating counter-flow ATC, is not considered a genuine transaction.  Such behavior has the potential to create harmful impacts to Bonneville’s ability to efficiently and equitably manage its transmission product offerings pursuant to its tariff.
  • Bonneville expects customers to submit e-Tags only for the purpose of using reserved transmission rights to deliver energy products across the identified path to the specified delivery location. Bonneville will continue to monitor scheduling behavior to identify customers that do not submit e-Tags in accordance with these requirements.