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‚ÄčLong Range Significant Outage Plans and 45-day Outage Plans Page
This page provides links to Outage Plans for the Long Range Significant Outages and 45-Day Outage Planning Processes. To receive updates when outage plans are posted or revised, sign up for the CAPACITY_L e-mail forum.
Immediate to Near Term Changes to Outage Plans 
Long Range Significant Outages
The following outages are for information purposes only. Outages are still being adjusted and/or moved. There are no path capacities provided. Estimates of path capacities will be given as we go into the "45-day" process. These outages are subject to change.
MAY 2014 (9/26/2013)
JUNE 2014 (9/26/2013)
JULY 2014 (02/12/2014)
AUGUST 2014 (02/12/2014)
SEPTEMBER 2014 (02/12/2014)
OCTOBER 2014 (02/12/2014)
NOVEMBER 2014 (02/12/2014)
DECEMBER 2014 (02/12/2014)
JANUARY 2015 (11/18/2013)  
FEBRUARY 2015  (12/18/2013)
MARCH 2015 (01/16/2014)
APRIL 2015 (02/18/2014)
MAY 2015  (3/17/2014)
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