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BPA OATT Workshops
​Following a July 2009 FERC ruling on BPA’s Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT), BPA conducted an extensive analysis of potential differences between FERC’s standard tariff and the agency’s OATT, its practices, and its potential needs. A series of public workshops are being conducted to foster an open, comprehensive dialogue with BPA customers and stakeholders on emerging BPA OATT issues. This dialogue will help inform BPA’s choices regarding needed modifications to its OATT. This page pdrovides a central communication point for these workshops.
Reference Documents
Automation Initiatives
FERC Communications
FERC Automation Update (10/24/2012)
Customer Comments received following the 5/16/12 Tariff Automation Efforts Update.
Portland General Electric (7/6/2012)
Powerex (7/6/2012)
Seattle City Light (7/6/2012)
TEA (7/6/2012)
TransAlta (7/6/2012)
Simultaneous Submission Windows
Simultaneous Submission Windows: Policy Status Update
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Send all requests, comments, or questions pertaining to the BPA OATT Workshops to and specify "BPA OATT" in the subject line. ​
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