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Week of May 23, 2019
Thanks for being part of Efficiency Exchange 2019 -
We hope you enjoyed Efficiency Exchange and took home information and ideas to better achieve your energy efficiency goals. We encourage you to keep these ideas alive, both within your organizations and in your collaboration work around the region.

If you haven’t done so already, please take the time to fill out the conference evaluation by May 29. We take your comments and suggestions seriously to make next year’s conference even more relevant for you and the region.

The sessions in Coeur d'Alene covered a myriad of topics spanning all sectors. Links to all conference videos, presentations and blogs are now available on Conduit.

Thanks for joining us this year, and be sure to mark your calendars for May 12-13, when EFX20 convenes in Portland, Oregon. Session submissions open in September 2019. Watch the BPA weekly announcements and your Conduit newsletter for more information.
BPA releases draft 2020-2021 IM for  comment -
On Monday, May 6, BPA released the draft 2020-2021 Energy Efficiency Implementation Manual for review and comment. Comments will be accepted through Friday, May 24, 2019. Please email your comments to BPA’s EE marketing lead, Nic Lane at,

The document is available at the following link:
Customer Portal / IS 2.0 invoice processing limitations -
In the six years BPA has had the IS 2.0 system in place we have had many opportunities to test the limitations of how much data can be processed within a single invoice. Over time many of our customers have likely been in touch with their EER or COTR regarding invoices that did not process properly, causing additional uploading attempts. In rare cases we’ve also had files so large that they weren’t able to begin processing at all, which resulted in BPA being unaware the files were submitted.  To avoid potential delay in review and payment of invoices, BPA is recommending limits on how our customers choose to upload and create invoices...More
Conduit is changing: here’s why -
During the development of NEEA's 2020-2024 Business Plan, NEEA's board grappled with some difficult budget trade off discussions to identify how to deliver the most value to the region at the most economical price point. One of these difficult trade off decisions was to discontinue Conduit’s online community aspects. To operationalize this, Conduit will be transitioning from its current state as an online community to a file sharing resource. While certain aspects of the site will be sunsetting in late 2019, the site structure and current file sharing functionality will remain the same. Additionally, core functionality and activities that have been identified as critical to regional market transformation efforts will continue to be supported via the site...More