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Week of July 9, 2020
Brown Bag: Energy Efficiency Promotions -
Please join us on Thursday, July 9 from noon - 1:00 p.m. for the Energy Efficiency Promotions brown bag. The COVID-19 pandemic has impeded the region’s economy and BPA’s Energy Efficiency program’s ability to implement energy-efficiency measures. BPA will be hosting a brown bag to share promotions that will support utility customers in their efforts to achieve efficiency programs and assist local economies. The promotions will increase incentives for existing measures that support Energy Efficiency Action Plan goals and provide additional savings for end-use customers. Utilities and staff should attend this brown bag to understand the scope and implementation of this limited-time offering...More

Efficiency Exchange 2020 summer webinar series announced -
BPA, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance and the Council are excited to announce that the Efficiency Exchange 2020, or EFX20, conference will be pivoting to a virtual webinar series format. After making the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference planning team is keeping the conference connections going by sharing some of the compelling content planned for this year.

The first webinar will be held on Tuesday, July 28, Washington’s New Clean Buildings Law: Challenges and Opportunities...More

Unassigned Account final allocations -
BPA has completed all transfers associated with customer requests for Unassigned Account allocations. There were no customer refusals or reduction requests based on the initial allocation amounts, so those amounts are now the final allocations. Attached are the final FY20 Unassigned Account allocations...More
Staffing updates in Energy Efficiency's Commercial and Industrial sectors -
​Starting July 20, the key contact for BPA’s Commercial sector will be Ryan LeBaron, program manager. The key contact for BPA’s Industrial sector will be Eric Mullendore, program manager. Michelle Lichtenfels is transitioning to a new role as manager of the Energy Efficiency contract administration team on July 20. There are no program changes associated with the transitions. Please contact your energy efficiency representative with any questions.
Updated HVAC research results -
The Momentum Savings team has published new updates to their cross-market HVAC resources webpage. In partnership with the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, a new round of HVAC sales-data analysis from 2016 to 2018 was completed. The data and summary of the analysis are now available. Additionally, BPA and Cadeo staff attended the 2020 AHR Expo — the largest annual HVAC expo — in February. The findings from interviews and touring the floor are posted on the BPA website.
Regional Sales Allocation Tool -
Due to the unprecedented retail closures resulting from COVID-19, BPA will update the store locations in the Regional Sales Allocation Tool, or RSAT, prior to Sept. 30. Market segments, drive times and utility allocations will not be updated. The goal is to provide the region with the most up-to-date store locations possible, prior to the end of BPA's fiscal year and the RSAT contract with CLEAResult. At this time, BPA does not plan to contract for any further updates. While we have been very pleased to provide annual RSAT updates for use in the region, after the store refresh, stakeholders in the region will need to contract separately for additional updates. For questions, please contact your energy efficiency representative or Dave Murphy, Simple Steps program manager.
Energy-efficiency promotions to aid regional utilities -
BPA’s Energy Efficiency Program is offering new promotions to support regional economic recovery efforts. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a downturn in energy-efficiency project uptake, and a disruption in the way contractors, trade allies and field staff perform their duties. End-use customers of utilities are also experiencing financial hardships that prohibit their participation in energy-efficiency programs...More
The comment period for the Integrated Program Review is open and runs through July 31 -
The Integrated Program Review, or IPR, provides the proposed spending levels and program objectives, through FY 2022 and 2023, for BPA's programmatic costs. The Energy Efficiency program held its IPR Workshop on June 17, 2020, and several stakeholders attended the presentation to provide their feedback. For those that were not able to participate, please view the presentation to see Energy Efficiency's funding levels and the program objectives for FY22-23. Public comments will be accepted between June 15 – July 31, 2020, via the public comment webpage.
Agricultural New Opportunities Guide now available -
The BPA Energy Efficiency Agricultural New Opportunities Guide is now available on The guide was developed to help utility customers assist agriculture producers with finding the most suitable energy-efficiency measures. Although some of BPA’s agricultural measures were phased out due to market transition, new measures were added and are defined in the new guide.

View and download the customer-utility facing guide here. A guide that is specifically targeted for agriculture producers is available upon request. For more information, please contact your energy efficiency representative or an Agricultural sector engineer.
Frequently Asked Questions: Hemp in BPA's Energy Efficiency program -
As previously announced, BPA will no longer exclude hemp and hemp-associated load from the Energy Efficiency program in the state where such activities have received U.S. Department of Agriculture approval. To help utilities determine hemp-project eligibility, BPA has prepared a list of frequently asked questions. For more information, contact your energy efficiency representative...More