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Week of May 10, 2018

​Due to the Efficiency Exchange conference next week, May 15-16, the weekly announcements will not be sent out on Thursday, May 17. Time sensitive announcements will be sent out through your energy efficiency representative (EER) if necessary.


2018 Efficiency Exchange Conference is Next Week - 
Efficiency Exchange 2018 will be held in Tacoma, WA on May 15-16. Visit the EFX18 website on Conduit to view our full program.

Last Day to Register for Efficiency Exchange Workshops is through May 10. We’re pleased to announce that Efficiency Exchange workshops are now open to all regional energy-efficiency professionals, not just those registered for the conference. The workshops will be held at 2:45 on May 16 at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center as part of the Efficiency Exchange conference. These interactive sessions are a chance to connect with counterparts at other utilities and get practical insights and ideas to take home with you.

Don’t miss this great networking opportunity!

​PTCS Vendor Selection Update -
What’s happening?
BPA Energy Efficiency has exciting news to share about the vendor selection for our new Performance Tested Comfort Systems (PTCS) contract. We are pleased to announce the award of the contract to CLEAResult...More

Searching For a Job Can Be Hard, So Conduit Made it Easy! -
​With over 3500 Energy Efficiency professionals using Conduit, organizations are finding great candidates to fill their job opportunities by posting them on the website. And why can't you be one of the next hired? In the final Conduit how-to video, the team shows you two simple ways to search for your next job on Conduit. So check out their final video here and good luck with your search!