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Week of July 11, 2019
NEEA consumer products and digital coupon discussion brown bag on Thursday, July 18
Jon Clark, market channel manager at NEEA will host a consumer products brown bag on Thursday, July 18. ​There is a growing trend toward the use of digital coupons by residential energy-efficiency programs across the country. A digital-coupon solution is like a traditional downstream, mail-in rebate program but allows for an instant point-of-purchase discount. During this webinar, NEEA will present a digital-coupon solution that could be available to individual BPA customers...More
Brown Bag: PTCS redesign pre-roundtable -
Please join us on Thursday, Aug. 1 from 12 - 1:00 p.m. for a brown bag presentations that will present an overview of specific areas of the Performance Tested Comfort Systems (PTCS) we want to simplify, discuss feedback we have received from HVAC experts and trade allies about potential simplification strategies, and request additional input from customer utilities.
This information will be used to further refine a potential approach and provide additional opportunities for feedback before final program decisions are made in early 2020. In the coming year, we hope to reduce obstacles to participation, while retaining the aspects of the program that customers value...More
Brown Bag: 2020-2021 Implementation Manual – Non-Sector, Industrial, Multi-Sector and Residential -
​Please join us on Thursday, Aug. 8, from 12 - 1:30 p.m. for a brown bag presentation discussing the Non-Sector, Industrial, Multi-Sector, and Residential sections of the 2020-2021 Implementation Manual. There will be an opportunity for customers to ask questions of BPA’s programs staff...More
​Brown Bag: 2020-2021 Implementation Manual – Non-Sector, Multi-Sector, Agricultural and Commercial -
Please join us on Thursday, Aug. 15, from 12 - 1:30 p.m. for a brown bag presentation discussing the Non-Sector, Agricultural, and Commercial sections of the 2020-2021 Implementation Manual. There will be an opportunity for customers to ask questions of BPA’s programs staff...More
Unassigned Account release for FY 2019 -
After a review of Energy Efficiency’s FY19 program budget, we have determined that $1.06 million will be available for release to the Unassigned Account. These funds were originally designated to support the Energy Smart Reserved Power; ESRP is an energy efficiency acquisition program that supports energy efficiency projects at sites, such as irrigation districts, that draw power directly from the federal power system. The funds are available due to lower than expected use of incentives set aside for ESRP and we are therefore reallocating the freed-up funds to our customers. It is BPA’s strong desire to see these funds put toward savings that will be invoiced before the close of the current rate period...More
Letter from EE VP on Residential Support Services program -
BPA’s vice president of Energy Efficiency, Kim Thompson, recently penned a letter to BPA’s customer utilities offering more detail on Bonneville’s next steps with its planned Residential Support Services program. The letter included an enclosure summarizing customer feedback on the support services contract concept. Links to both documents are included here for broader reference by interested parties.
BPA M&V protocols update -
The BPA M&V Protocols update work that began in summer 2017 was completed last month. BPA M&V Peak Demand Impacts Application Guide v1.0  is now available on the BPA IM Doc Library website and accompanies the other 10 Custom Projects documents. In June, David Jump from kW Engineering, and Jesse Smith from Demand Side Analytics, presented the new materials to BPA EE engineers and utility customers. Feedback was positive, and suggested edits from attendees and Regional Task Force staff were incorporated into the final document. Please contact Todd Amundson at 503-230-5491 or with any questions or comments. 
The upcoming Conduit ED series explains the changes taking place in late fall -
​The upcoming Conduit ED series will focus on Conduit’s transition from an online community-building resource to a file- and resource-sharing platform. Readers will learn the ins and outs of the site’s functionality changes, how the website will evolve and where to find resources you need after the transition is complete.
If you missed the announcement earlier this year or have questions about the transition, check out this FAQ for more information.
Stay tuned for the launch of the Conduit ED series next week!
Draft UES Measure List 8.0 comment period -
BPA is publishing for public comment a draft of the UES Measure List 8.0, which will be active on Oct. 1, 2019. The comment period is from June 27 – July 18. During the comment period, the draft document will be posted at A summary of changes to the UES Measure List has also been posted to the same location. Please submit any comments or suggestions that you may have to Phillip Kelsven, by email at, and copy your EER.