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Week of December 14, 2017

Brown Bag: Lighting Calculator 4.0 -
Get to know the new Lighting Calculator 4.0! The BPA Lighting Team will be hosting a Brown Bag on Thursday December 14 from 12 -1:00 P.M. The primary focus will be on Lighting Calculator 4.0, including new measures, changes to incentive levels, and additional calculator functionality...More

Updated Self-Funded Energy Savings Guidance -
One decision coming out of EE’s Focus 2028 public process was to increase the self-funded savings share of BPA’s programmatic energy savings from 25% to 30% starting with the FY2018-19 rate period.  As a result, BPA now budgets for only 70% of the programmatic energy savings needed to meet its Council target.  To help utilities with the transition to this higher self-funded savings level, EE has updated its Self-Funded Energy Savings Guidance.  Utilities will have until June 30, 2020 to report their self-funded savings for the FY2018-19 rate period.  The updated Guidance can be found here
New Multifamily Construction Measure -
BPA’s new multifamily construction measure utilizes a Qualified Programs List to document which energy efficiency certification programs offered throughout the region qualify for payments through each tier of the measure. More information on each of the certification programs is now available on the Better Built Northwest website at The website includes information on approved certifications, which states the certifications are approved in, and links to certification websites where full information about the programs, including how to participate, is available.