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BPA’s Energy Efficiency department collaborates frequently with energy efficiency stakeholders in the region.
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Energy Efficiency Sectors


​Delivers program infrastructure and measures to meet the needs of BPA's customer utilities, and increase the penetration of residential energy efficiency measures in the Pacific Northwest.


Offers a wide range of programs and measure opportunities to help customer utilities serve their customers, and meet their conservation targets.


Offers BPA’s customer utilities programs to improve efficiency at industrial sites within their service territories.


Incorporates the offerings of all other sectors installed at federal facilities.​


Offers a range of programs and measure opportunities to help customer utilities serve their customers and meet their conservation targets.

Utility distribution

BPA acquires energy savings through the Energy Smart Utility Efficiency program, which includes voltage optimization and electrical distribution system improvements.

Energy Efficiency action plan

The Energy Efficiency Action Plan forecasts how BPA and public power will achieve savings goals.

Energy Efficiency policy engagements

The Focus 2028/Efficiency Forward project creates flexibilities within BPA's Energy Efficiency Program to meet overall energy efficiency goals while responding to varied customer needs.

Utility Resources

Technology & Innovation

Emerging Technologies

BPA’s emerging technologies program has developed energy conservation measures that provide roughly one-third of the savings from its energy efficiency programs.
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Smart Grid

BPA conceptualized Smart Grid technology under the name Energy Web a decade before the Smart Grid moniker became commonplace.

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Demand Response

BPA has identified demand response as a strategy for increasing the flexibility and reliability of the region’s public power resources and transmission grid.

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BPA's energy efficiency programs help keep the agency’s rates lower. This, in turn, helps utility customers keep the cost of power lower for people and businesses in their communities.

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