2024–2028 Strategic Plan

Building on a solid foundation

BPA is an engine of the Northwest's economic prosperity and environmental sustainability.

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The 2024–2028 Strategic Plan outlines how BPA will create a future with more renewable resources, less carbon, and a reliable, resilient electric grid capable of supporting the region’s growth during its clean energy transformation:

  • Invest in people
    Foster a positive culture and work environment that supports a resilient, engaged workforce capable of delivering on our public-service mission and responsibilities.
  • Enhance the value of products and services
    Maximize the value of the federal system and the products and services we offer to meet our customers’ evolving needs.
  • Sustain financial strength
    Provide stable, competitive power and transmission rates over the long term.
  • Mature asset management
    Manage risk and maximize asset value by delivering the right projects at the right time.
  • Preserve safe and reliable system operations
    Protect and enhance the delivery of power and transmission services in an evolving landscape.
  • Modernize business systems and processes
    Improve the efficiency, accuracy and flexibility of internal business capabilities.
Turning vision into reality, together
We recognize the tremendous responsibility entrusted in us on behalf of our customers and the communities we serve. The work we do touches the lives of millions who call this place home, and we take great pride in BPA’s multi-faceted, public service mission that enables the region’s quality of life. Achieving our essential mission requires a careful balance among many beneficiaries and partners. It also requires tremendous collaboration and the support of a broad range of regional interests.

We have many to thank — customers, tribes, federal and state agencies, public interest organizations and other partners — who support our mission and contribute to our shared success. BPA looks forward to continuing our partnerships as we implement this strategic plan. Working together, we will serve the public good, sustain BPA’s vital role in the Pacific Northwest and shape an even brighter future powered by clean energy.

2018–2023 Strategic Plan

BPA 2018– 2023 Strategic Plan

  • Strengthen financial health by meeting objectives for cost management, liquidity, debt utilization, debt capacity and credit ratings.
  • Modernize assets and system operations to leverage and enable industry change.
  • Provide competitive power products and services.
  • Meet transmission customer needs efficiently and responsively.
  • Value people and deliver results.

Strategic Plan Progress Update – October 2020

This progress update documents BPA’s achievements in the implementation of the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan and summarizes areas of focus for the plan’s remaining years. For this midpoint review, the agency reassessed its strategic goals and objectives and reconfirmed that they are the right ones to continue moving the agency forward and achieving its vision.

The Strategic Plan Progress Update formally integrates the agency’s newest strategic goal, “Value people and deliver results,” into the agency strategy. BPA adopted this strategic goal in summer 2020.