Resource Program

The Resource Program provides analysis and insight into long-term, least-cost power resource acquisition strategies. To accomplish this, the Resource Program examines uncertainty in loads, water supply, resource availability, natural gas prices, and electricity market prices to develop a least-cost portfolio of resources that meet BPA's obligations. BPA launched its Resource Program shortly after passage of the Northwest Power Act in 1980 to assess BPA’s need for power and reserves and develop an acquisition strategy to meet those needs.

For more information or to submit questions/comments, please contact Brian Dombeck or Ryan Egerdahl.

Resource Program Documents

White Book: Loads and Resources Study

BPA publishes the Pacific Northwest Loads and Resources Study (White Book) each year to help plan for adequate, efficient, and reliable long-term load service for both the federal system and the region. The White Book provides BPA's projections of retail loads, contract obligations, contract purchases, and resource capabilities over a 10-year study horizon.

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