May 19, 2022



BPA webinar: BPA Commercial and Industrial Strategic Energy Management Measurement and Verification Reference Guide Training 

The new BPA Commercial and Industrial Strategic Energy Management Measurement and Verification, or C&I SEM M&V, Reference Guide has been released and is available on the BPA EE M&V website to support SEM engagements with both Commercial or Industrial sector end-users. The webinar training is scheduled for Thursday, June 2, 2022, from 10 - 11 a.m...More

Reminder – Conduit is sunsetting September of 2022

The Conduit website is sunsetting in September. After that time, members will no longer be able to access resources available on the website. All necessary materials should be migrated off the website no later than August 12. Please view the FAQ on Conduit for more information...More

EE Measures to leverage COVID ESSER and Infrastructure Funds for Schools

During this year’s Efficiency Exchange Conference, or EFX, session highlighting EE in schools, panel participants, who were regional school facility managers, advocated for strong partnerships with local utilities to identify and implement EE solutions. BPA Customer Service Engineers and Energy Efficiency Representatives are available to support utilities in working with local schools to utilize Federal COVID and Infrastructure Funds for energy efficiency improvements. Even with federal funding, many of the projects still need EE incentives to help cover the increased costs of more energy efficient systems and equipment. If you attended EFX but missed this or any other session, they are all available to watch here!


Reminder: Ductless heat pump installation requirements

With an increased number of self-installed ductless heat pumps, or DHPs, available on the market, BPA wanted to remind utilities that to qualify for payment the DHP must be installed by a licensed contractor. A utility customer can submit a COTR Request and Acknowledgment Procedure to consider payment for a partial self-install only if a contractor has installed the fittings and refrigerant.

New data and report on regional HVAC sales trends between 2016-2020

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, or NEEA, and BPA have collected and analyzed full category HVAC sales data annually since 2018. A summary and aggregated dataset of 2016-2020 regional HVAC sales data are now available on the BPA websiteThe summary contains heating and cooling efficiency mixes for residential air source heat pumps, ductless heat pumps, central air conditioners and gas furnace sales. For the first time, it also includes sales trends for variable speed heat pumps. Many organizations use this valuable data when developing and forecasting their projects, including; NEEA’s benefit cost models, BPA’s residential HVAC market model, Regional Technical Forum measure development, power planning, market opportunity and strategy development, and regional investment decisions.